Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Work

My puppyraiser and I went back to work today. I've gotta say... after our long holiday hiatus, it sure wasn't easy!

The morning was the toughest part. The alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. I didn’t mind getting up that early cause it meant we could eat breakfast (yay!), but, my puppyraiser sure was grumbling. My puppyraiser didn't bring out my toys cause there wasn't enough time for play (I did mind that part!). And, Ashley only got to come of her room (bird cage) for a little bit... so she didn't have time to drop much food on the floor.... not that I would have eaten the food off the floor cause I'm such a good boy [side note: had to say that last part cause my puppyraiser started giving me "the look"].

Once at work though, it really wasn't such a bad day at all. I got to sleep on my comfy bed while using my toys as pillows. People kept coming by to visit me... including my buddy Delphine (she's a kid and she's super cool). I gave Delphine and her mom my special smile cause I was so happy to see them. Also, it was a nice sunny day, so my puppyraiser took me to the park at lunch. She said we won't get to go to the park for the next few days cause a big storm is moving in. I told her that a storm would make going to the park even more fun! We could jump in puddles, role in the mud, get sopping wet... what could be better?!!

I don't think my puppyraiser is too keen on this storm idea cause she gave me "the look" again... and she told me to stay on topic ("back to work"... not "playing in stormy weather"). But, after a long day of napping (errrr, I mean work), I'm tired, so I'm going to cut this blog short and take a nap.


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