Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ghetto Lighting

Tonight my puppyraiser told me she was in one of her creative experimentation moods. "Oh oh....," I thought.

She wanted to shoot some photos using ghetto lighting... and she wanted me to be the model. She told me that ghetto lighting is lighting that the photographer has on hand... no fancy photography equipment. She said it can be things like lighting from the refrigerator, flashlight, candles, etc. I dunno why my puppyraiser thought this was something different... she ALWAYS uses ghetto lighting! But, she was very into it tonight... must be because she just got a new thingy to put her camera on [sidenote by puppyraiser: the thingy is called a tripod... and I LOVE my new tripod!].

Anyways, as the lucky one who was chosen to be the model (yes, I'm being sarcastic!), she made me sit in the dark and told me that I couldn't move... at all! She said it had something to do with the slow shutter speed she was using. I don't know why she was using the word "speed"... cause there was nothing speedy about the whole thing.

When she was finally done messing around with her camera... she then started messing around with her computer. She told me that she was using photoshop to make the photo look more like a painting. This part wasn't too bad for me cause at least I didn't have to lay motionless in the dark anymore!

My puppyraiser sure is weird sometimes... I told her that she would have much more fun chewing on a bone...

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