Monday, January 28, 2008

My Favorite Words

After days and days of rain, the sun finally came out today! The best thing about it not raining was that during our lunch break my puppy raiser took me outside to our favorite spot to do some training.

She had me working on all kinds of stuff like "heel", "side", "back", "under", and "stand". The toughest thing we worked on was doing "roll" from a standing position. For some reason, that one always gets me. Once I'm in a down position, I get it. But, when I'm standing, I forget I have to lay down first. So, she had me work a whole bunch on this.

My puppy raiser also tried faking me out by doing a combination of "up" and "jump". [sidenote by puppyraiser: I didn't "try" faking you out... I "did" fake you out!] Uhhhh... yeah, I guess she did fake me out a few times. But it really wasn't fair because she took me over to this one spot where we always practice "jump"... so, I figured that's what she wanted me to do! My puppy raiser said that's why it is important that I listen. She made me do it over and over and over until I listened to what she was saying and got it right.

Even though the training session was a bit tough today, it was fun too. I love it when I do things right because my puppy raiser always says things like, "Carlo, you are soooo smart!" My absolute favorite words she says are: "Carlo, you are the best boy!" I love hearin' that! It makes me wanna listen harder, so I get it right the first time!

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