Monday, January 21, 2008

A Weekend of Fun! (Part 1)

So much happened this weekend that it is going to take me a few blog entries to cover it all!

Part 1 of my fun weekend started on Saturday, when my puppy raiser and her special guy friend dropped me off at at another puppy raiser's house. My puppy raiser said they were going skiing and I couldn't come with them. I asked them what skiing was and they said you strap two long planks on your feet and slide down hills. I didn't understand why I wasn't invited, but I didn't mind so much cause I got to go to play with my buddies, Zuleika and Hope! I also got to play with a dog named Maddy. She is kind of like Lucky... old and not a CCI dog. To be honest, I was a little scared of her... just like I'm a little scared of Lucky. I'm always a little weary around those old alpha dogs cause they like to put me in my place when I'm naughty.

Anyways, I had a great day playing! Zuleika's puppy raiser even gave me a pedicure (that wasn't all that fun... but, it sure did make my puppy raiser happy). The only real bummer part of the day was when Zuleika's puppy raiser put me out in a garage kennel by myself. I was kinda lonely and whined a bit. My puppy raiser told me that she asked her to do this to me. What's up with that?! She said she did it because it would be good training for me since I have to live in a kennel environment when I go to doggie college. I told her that from what I've heard I will have a roomie in college, so at least I won't have to be by myself! My puppy raiser didn't have a response to that... she just muttered something about me being a mama's boy.

At the end of the day, I asked my puppy raiser how her day of sliding down the hill went. She said it didn't happen because after they dropped me off she realized she never got her skis bindings adjusted to the particular boots she had with her. She said she had not gone skiing in a long, long time and forgot that she never had her skis adjusted to those boots. My puppy raiser is so funny... she doesn't always think things through... just like me! Anyways, she and her special guy friend ended up still going to Tahoe and they shot photos (the photos in this blog entry are some of the ones she took). They said that even though they didn't go skiing, they had a fabulous day... just like me!

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