Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stormy Weather

After days of stormy weather, the sun finally came out today! There were three big storms that hit us... the Thursday night through Friday storm had super duper heavy rains and winds. I really wanted to go out and play in the storms, but my puppyraiser wouldn't let me. She would only let me go out to do a quick "hurry" (that's the word for going potty). My puppyraiser always takes the literal translation of the word... and makes me "hurry" in a hurry, especially when it's pouring rain outside.

Since the rains stopped today, my puppyraiser took Lucky and me on a walk. We walked for about 2 - 3 miles on the trails in our hood. And on that short walk, we saw the following storm damage:
  • BIG branches that fell off trees: WAY too many to count. But, it sure was fun checking them out.

  • BIG trees that fell: 2 oak trees

  • Fences around homes that were demolished: 10! Lucky and I asked my puppyraiser if we could go into the backyards of these homes and play. But, she said no. Geesh, she's no fun!

  • Mud factor: Lots of mud. So cool! My puppyraiser wouldn't let Lucky and me come back into the house until she had completely wiped us clean with a towel.
My puppyraiser went out later in the day to shoot some photos (she's really into photography). I usually get to go with her on her photo shoots, but she left me at home today. What's up with that?! It wasn't all that bad though cause I got some good quality nap time in... and then got to "help" her when she got home and cleaned up all of the backyard storm debris.

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