Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Photography... sigh...

Yesterday my puppy raiser and I attended a photography workshop. I didn't really find it all that... I slept during the entire workshop and only woke up when everyone took a break and my puppy raiser took me outside. But, my puppy raiser sure did find it all that. She rambled about it ALL the way home. She didn't stop... even, when I pretended to be asleep and gave her some of my best snores.

She told me the focus of the workshop is Living Abstracts. By "living" it means anything living... people, animals, trees, flowers, etc. etc. The "abstract" part is where it gets a little trickier. By "abstract" it means you have to be able to turn the photo all the way around and it has to be comfortable to look at no matter which way the the photo is turned. Abstract photos are typically not 100% recognizable. In other words, the photos are kinda artsy-fartsy.

She told me she plans on shooting lots of different subject matters, but one idea she has includes me (uh oh...). She said the tricky part is that what she has in mind for me may be a little difficult in terms of the abstract part (whew!).

When we got home, I thought maybe she had enough of the photography stuff. But, nooooo.... she started having me modeling for her. I told her I wasn't abstract enough... but, she didn't listen! She had me sit in a certain spot and she took a bunch of shots and then went to her computer to download them.

As she was doing this, she looked up, and suddenly realized I hadn't moved from my spot. Part of my training is that I'm supposed to stay wherever my puppy raiser puts me until she says "release" or gives me another command. Well, she was so caught up in the photography moment, she forgot to do either! So, there I stayed. As soon as she realized, she came running over and said, "Carlo, release!". She gave me a big hug and said, "Carlo, you are the best CCI pup in training AND the best model EVER!". Yeah, what can I say? I am pretty dang good CCI pup! But, sometimes I sure wish I wasn't such a good model!

P.S. The photo above is one of the photos from tonight. My puppy raiser said it didn't turn out exactly as she hoped. I'm hoping that means I'm not abstract enough for her and she'll move on to another subject!

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