Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Weekend of Fun! (Part 2)

So, as if Saturday wasn't fun enough, on Sunday my puppy raiser and her special guy friend packed the bags, put Lucky and me in the car, and said we were headed to San Francisco! I had never been to San Francisco before and didn't know what to expect. But, I discovered that San Francisco sure is a happening place, with tons of things to see and smell! This photo is pretty much my very first view of San Francisco...

Part of the day was spent hanging out waiting for my puppy raiser to take photo after photo after photo. You'd think she would get tired of taking photos, but she never does! She's tried to explain it to me by saying that taking photographs to her is like chewing nylabones is to me. Yeah, I didn't get it either... why would anyone wanna take photos instead of chew on a nylabone?!

The best place we went to was this place called Crissy Field. It was the bomb! We played at a beach and had the best time ever! Here's a photo of Lucky trying to catch me...

Our day in San Francisco ended in the Marin Headlands. My puppy raiser and her special guy friend wanted to get a shot at dusk of the moon rising. They had it all planned out and set up their cameras to take the shots. It was super windy and REALLY cold! Fortunately, they left Lucky and me in the car most of the time. We were pretty tired after our romp at the beach and weren't really interested in sitting in the cold, waiting for the moon to rise. It was really funny when they finally saw the moon rise... but, it wasn't in the location they expected! They thought it was funny too... and laughed and laughed as their teeth chattered from being super cold. Here are a few photos that my puppy raiser took... note how there is no moon to be seen... :-)

My puppy raiser and her special guy friend are already planning on going back to San Francisco. They said that they could have spent a whole day photographing each place we went to... plus, there are a bunch of places we didn't even make it to. I wanna go back again too... and play at Crissy Field beach!

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