Monday, December 31, 2007


My puppyraiser told me today that everyone writes resolutions on New Year's Eve... and that maybe I should write my New Year's Resolutions in my blog.

I looked at her blankly. "What the heck is a resolution?” I asked.

She responded, "Well, resolutions are those things that you want to change about yourself in the coming year. People tend to write resolutions that focus on bettering themselves in some way."

I looked up her with my most adoring, but blank look.

"For example," she said, "resolutions tend to be things like: I will go to the gym, I will eat healthier foods, I will learn another language, I won't work so much, etc. etc. etc."

"What does etc. etc. etc. mean?" I asked, as I pounced on my toy... which my puppyraiser promptly took away so that I would focus.

"It means and so on," she sighed, slightly exasperated. "The point is, Carlo, that resolutions are kind of fun things to write at the end of the year."

"Ok, ok, I muttered, "I'll take a break from my napping and write some resolutions..."

So, I thought and thought and thought some more. I even wrinkled my brow in deep, deep thought. But, to be honest, I couldn't think of anything that I would do to do to better myself next year. But... I did think of some resolutions for my puppyraiser... :-)

Puppyraiser Resolutions (written by Carlo)

  1. I will not get exasperated when Carlo loses focus and wants to play and when he asks a ton of questions (like: "what does etc. etc. etc. mean?")
  2. I will feed Carlo whenever he is hungry.
  3. I will not take Carlo's toys away from him... even when he chews little holes in them and pulls out all of the stuffing.
  4. I will kick Lucky off of the comfy pillow by the fireplace and let Carlo sleep there.
  5. I will let Carlo eat the food that Ashley drops on the floor... and any other food I may happen to see on the floor.
  6. I will let Carlo dig in the backyard... and I'll join him in the fun!
  7. I will run as fast as I can outside just for fun... I'll run so fast that if I had ears like Carlo they would flap in the wind.
  8. I will get off my computer at work, get on the floor, and give Carlo a big hug once in awhile.
  9. I will not forget to take breaks at work and walk Carlo outside (even when work is busy).
  10. I will do everything I want to do now... so that I will be happy and not want to better myself in any other way... then there will be no need to write resolutions next year and I can take a nap and not have to think so hard about what my resolutions are!

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