Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guess What?! (by: Gerrit)

Guess what?! Guess what?! Guess what?! My puppy raiser told me that on Morial Day weekend [side note by puppy raiser: Gerrit, that's Memorial Day weekend :-)]... yeah, on that weekend... we are going to have a puppy camp out at home! Two other puppies that are around my age are going to spend the whole weekend with us! Their names are Hondo and Nick. I've never met them before, but I can't wait! My puppy raiser said that we're going to play, and barb a cue [side note by puppy raiser: that's barbecue], and swim, and light a fire in the chimney [side note by puppy raiser: chiminea]... ANDDDD we may even pitch the tent in the backyard and sleep out under the stars and the moon!!! It makes me wanna howl just thinkin' about it! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!

[Side note by Lucky: There's going to be 3 of them?! At the same time?! Shoot me now...]

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Place Called "Work" (by: Gerrit)

Hi! My name is Gerrit! (side note by Lucky: Dude, everybody already knows who you are). Oh yeah, I forgot! Ummmmm. Ummmmm. Lucky, what haven't I told them about yet? (side note by Lucky: Grrrrrr. Why don't you tell them about going to work). Oh, ok! Lucky, I LOVE you! (side note by Lucky: Sigh. Start writing kid... I'm trying to take a nap!).

I had to go to this place called "work" every single day this week. I went Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs... (side note by Lucky: Gerrit! You don't have to give that much detail!). So, I went to work a whole bunch of days. I went so many days that I'm not even scared of it anymore. I don't even sing my sad songs in the car anymore! My puppy raiser said that makes her very happy.

At work, I stay in this place that my puppy raiser calls a "cube". It's short for something, but I can't remember what. Anyways, that photo up above is of me in the cube. I'm sitting in front of the computer. I love computers! Here's a photo of me snuggling up next to my puppy raiser's work computer.

While snuggling next to the work computer is nice, my favorite... and I mean FAVORITE place to sleep at work is right under my puppy raiser's chair. She keeps trying to get me to lay on the comfy bed... but, I prefer the spot right under my puppy raiser's chair. My puppy raiser told me that's really not the best place for me cause one of these days she's accidentally going to step on me... but, I don't care.. I LOVE that spot. I LOVE my puppy raiser. And, I LOVE Lucky. I'm so happy. I'm a happy puppy! I think I feel a puppy attack coming on. Gotta go!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekends Are More Fun! (by: Gerrit)

Over the last few days my puppy raiser has been teaching me about the difference between work days and weekends. The first few days my puppy raiser had me, she worked from home. Those were work days. Those days were ok except I had to stay in my x-pen most of the time.

Friday was my first day of actually going to work. It was a work day too. It was ok. To be honest, it was a little scary. First, there was the car ride. I'm not a big fan of cars. Then, my puppy raiser made me wear this thing called a cape. She said that it identifies me as an assistance puppy in training, but it felt funny. And, if the cape weren't bad enough, my puppy raiser made me walk with this thing called a leash attached to my collar. Fortunately, she mostly carried me and we only did a little bit of walking. The leash didn't turn out to be too bad cause I noticed that if I ignored it and just walked next to my puppy raiser, I got lots of yummy treats.

Other than all that, things at work went pretty well. The best part was all the attention I got from people. They all thought I was super cute... but wondered why my ear was green. My puppy raiser had to explain that it's green cause CCI gave me a tattoo so people know who I am. Supposedly the green stuff eventually wears off and then you'll just be able to see a number in my ear. But, right now I look a little like a leprechaun.

Yesterday was MUCH more fun than going to work. It was called the weekend. In the morning, I got to play with a little girl while my puppy raiser went to a class. And, then in the afternoon my buddy, Zucchini, came over and we played a whole bunch. It was a day of play! My puppy raiser told me that today is still the weekend. Yay!!! I LOVE weekends! I think every day should be a weekend cause weekends are much more fun! When I told that to my puppy raiser, she said I learn very fast!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

All About Me (by: Gerrit)

Today Lucky told me all about blogging, so that I can write and tell you all about me! Lucky rules the roost. That's what she told me... numerous times since I arrived here Tues night (and she said I should probably mention it in this blog). I asked her why this was called Carlo's blog if she ruled the roost. She said that I ask too many questions.

Anyways... my name is Gerrit! I've been told that when I grow up I am going to be an assistance dog! I'm not really sure what that is, but I guess I'll find out. My mama's name is Brindy and my daddy's name is Baja. I have 9 brothers and sisters... Gator, Gianna, Ginger, Georgia, Greg, Gigi, Grettel, Glenn and Gary. This has been a really rough week for all of us. Our breeder-caretaker (the lady who took care of us since we were born) took us to a place called Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) earlier this week. It's in Santa Rosa. At CCI we were given health examinations and had our ears tattooed with a number (my ear is still super green from it!). Then, a lady packed me up in a car and drove me to Sacramento. I wasn't very happy about it. So, I sang a sad song during the drive. I sang it ALL the way to Sacramento. Then, my puppy raiser picked me up from this lady's house and drove me to the place that is going to be my home for the next year and a half. She only drove about 10 minutes... but, I sang all the way then too.

During the last couple of days, I've just been getting used to my new home. My puppy raiser worked from home so that it would be easier on me. While she worked, I stayed in an x-pen and played with toys and slept. A really nice lady brought a big stuffed dog over for me. She thought it would help me get over missing my mama. She was right! I love it! I love to snuggle up to it, just like I used to snuggle up next to my mama. The lady also brought a real dog named Zucchini. Zucchini runs really fast!

Tonight, after my puppy raiser finished working, she took Lucky and me on a walk! Only, she didn't let me actually walk. She said that I was too young. I haven't had all of my shots yet and she was worried I may catch something. So, she put me in a big canvass purse and slung me over her shoulders. My puppy raiser was a little worried I wouldn't like it. But, it was so much fun! I didn't move at all. I just sat there in the bag and watched Lucky as she roamed off trail and sniffed and peed. The dog that rules the roost sure does pee a lot! Every once in a while, my puppy raiser would lift the purse up so that I could snuggle up against her neck. That was the best part of the walk! Lucky says that I'm a mama's boy. She says that Carlo was a mama's boy... but, that I'm even more of a mama's boy!

I guess I am a mama's boy because I really wanna snuggle with my puppy raiser now. I'll write more later!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hi! (by: Gerrit)

Hi! My name is Gerrit! I'm the new kid on the block. I'm still getting the hang of this blog writing... so for now I'll just post a couple of photos of me!


P.S. I don't understand why I can't be a singer!

Let it Be (by: Lucky)

Last night G-Dawg (aka Gerrit) decided to practice his American Idol skills by screeching up a storm when my pal put him in his kennel. He was singing something about missing his mom and his siblings. It was a pitiful sad song... but enough already! He went on and on and on. Just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, my pal started singing the Beatles song Let it Be. "Oh great," I thought, "as if it weren't bad enough that one of them was singing... now they are both doing it!"

But, get this... my pal's singing put G-Dawg to sleep! Seriously! By the time she got to "whisper words of wisdom" the little dude was out! And, he was out all night! He didn't wake up until 5:00am!

Let's hear it for whisper words of wisdom!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

G-Dawg Day (by: Lucky)

Just when I was getting used to having my pal all to myself... just when I was getting used to some peace and quiet... G-Dawg Day arrives. That's right. Gerrit has arrived. He seems pretty cute and fun. He already seems to be taking to my pal. He loves snuggling with her. Personally, I think he's going to be a mama's boy. I barked once at him and he went running and hid his head in my pal's lap. Gerrit also likes to sing. Well, he calls it singing... I call it screeching. He told me that he had high hopes of being on American Idol. My pal overheard this and told him he may as well kiss those hopes goodbye because the singing has gotta stop.

Gotta go... it's time for my bedtime snack! More on Gerrit later!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Carlo's First Report Card (by: Lucky)

We got Carlo's first report card (aka Advanced Training report) the other day! The kid is doing well! Actually, I gotta admit... he's perfect! I mean, not as perfect as me. But, then who is?

Carlo's report was the best report we've ever received on a pup. Well, our first pup, Lonnie, doesn't count cause she was released before we ever even received a report. She was scared of everything... including fire hydrants! Can you believe that one?

Carlo is learning all kinds of stuff in college right now... retrieve, hold, get, and push. He's got really good marks on overall performance. His learning rate is high and his energy and level of management are low. His trainer wrote that he is eager to please his handler, he interacts appropriately with the other dogs, and he's adjusted well to kennel life.

In fact, the only issue reported is that he showed fearful reactions when approached by young children. He attempted to hide behind his handler. Sigh. Poor Carlo. I used to tell him that kids were like little dogs... nothing to be afraid of... and, the best thing is that they always are eating and dropping food! What could be better than that?! Anyways, CCI is going to continue to evaluate that issue. Hopefully, he'll get over it... cause if he does... watch out! That boy is gonna be a superstar!

Go Carlo! We're all rooting for you kid!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More News: CCI and American Idol (by: Lucky)

This news just came in...

CCI on American Idol Tomorrow Night
American Idol's special Idol Gives Back program will air this Wednesday, April 9th. While the program supports six international children focused charities, they are doing a special segment on national volunteer based organizations... and Canine Companions is included! Three CCI volunteers from the Los Angeles area will appear during this segment. The three will appear during Maria Shriver's segment, and can be seen on the stage, 2nd row on the left, wearing their CCI logo gear.

News from the Homefront (by: Lucky)

New Puppy Arriving

For those of you whom have not heard the news, we are getting yet another rug rat [glare from Carlo's puppy raiser]... errrr... adorable CCI puppy to raise. This is going to be CCI puppy #5. His name is Gerrit. That's him in the photo above. I sure hope he comes with that bunny cause he ain't getting any of my toys [glare from Carlo's puppy raiser]... I mean, he is welcome to play with any of my toys... if I'm not interested in them at that particular moment... :-).

Gerrit (or G-Dawg as I like to refer to him) is arriving exactly one week from today. That means I've got one week left of getting ALL the attention. So, I've really gotta play it up now to get as much of that attention as possible! It also means that I've got one more week before the sleepless nights begin [side note by Carlo's puppy raiser: Ummm, Lucky - you NEVER have helped take out the pups in the middle of the night when they need to go]. Yeah, but I've gotta listen to the pups whining... and then I've gotta listen to you frantically jumping out of bed to get them outside in time. That really interrupts my quality sleep time!

My pal just asked me to post this photo too. This photo is of Gerrit's mom, Brindy, with her litter of pups. Gerrit may or may not be in that wagon full of pups. There was something like 10 pups in the litter. Dang! I'm so glad we're just getting one of 'em!

Carlo's Progress Report
The other big news is that we are supposed to receive Carlo's 1st progress report soon. So, we'll finally have an idea of how the kid is doing in college. We should get that report sometime this week or next. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

To All You Non-Assistance Dogs (by: Lucky)

This blog entry is in honor of all you non-assistance dogs out there (aka "pets", or in puppy raiser language "keepers"). In case our peeps forget just how much assistance WE provide, here is a reminder list that can be posted on the fridge (so they can read it as they are getting you something to eat):

1) We protect the home from mailmen, gardeners, workers of any kind, squirrels, cats, and children selling girl scout cookies.

2) For those of us who have to deal with assistance puppy after assistance dog, WE provide these pups with all of their fundamental training (i.e. we teach them that they are the lowest pup on the totem pole, they can only play with toys when we are no longer interested, and don't bug us unless we want to be bugged).

3) We remind our peeps that they need to get off their butts and get some exercise... and going to the gym, or doing anything else that doesn't include us, does NOT count.

4) We serve as an alarm clock on weekends (for some reason alarm clocks always seem to break on weekends and our peeps tend to oversleep).

5) We keep our peeps from being idle (i.e. recently, I gave my pal the opportunity to fix the blinds and drywall I chewed up).

6) We remind our peeps when it's time to eat... which is pretty much always.

7) We show our peeps where our leashes and food are located... just in case they forget.

8) We refrain from howling when our peeps subject us to tv shows like American Idol.

9) We remind our peeps that there are things in life MUCH more important than work... like playing with us!

10) For those of us who have peeps who are puppy raisers, we provide them with a shoulder to cry on when they've turned in a pup... and, we remind them there is no reason to be upset cause they've still got us!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Think like a dog (by: Lucky)

My pal was feeling stressed tonight. Stressed about work. Stressed about doing taxes. Stressed about an upcoming test she's taking. Geesh, she's such a stress head! So, I posted this photo of Carlo to make her laugh. It was taken in Half Moon Bay before the kid went off to college. Check him out... have you ever seen a longer tongue?! What a goof!

I don't understand why people always stress about things. They should think more like us dogs. We never stress about anything. Well, we do stress about some things... but, just important stuff like when our next meal is coming and when we're going on our next walk (cause those things can NEVER come soon enough). But, we don't stress about all those lame little things that people stress about.

It sure is a good thing that I know how to get rid of my pal's stress. She totally laughed when I showed her the funny Carlo photo. And, she laughed even more when I grabbed a toy and started prancing around with it. In fact, she pushed aside the stuff she was working on (I think it was taxes... whatever the heck that is) and told me it was time to play! Woohoo! She's FINALLY thinking like a dog!