Saturday, January 12, 2008

Skipper, the Wannabe Carlo

A few days ago my puppyraiser told me that when I head off to college, she's going to puppsit another CCI puppy for a week. She said that the puppy's name is Skipper and he will be about 12 weeks old when she puppysits him. I didn't think much of it, until my puppysraiser saw some photos of the "Carlo Wannabe" and started going on and on about how cute he was (yeah, that's the wannabe in the photo above). As if anyone could be cuter than me!

I've gotta admit, it kinda made me a little annoyed that she would want to replace me so soon. I mean this Skipper guy is going to be playing with MY toys and sleeping on MY bed. What's up with that?! But, then my puppyraiser sat me down and told me the following:
Carlo, I'm going to be very sad when you head off to doggie college. While I'm proud of you and I want for you to do well in college, I'm going to miss you. We're all going to miss you. I'm going to miss you constantly being by my side. Lucky is going to miss playing with you... and bossing you around. And, Ashley... well, I'm sure that Ashley will miss you in her own special way. Skipper is going to help us get through that first week when you aren't around. After all, there is nothing like a cute puppy to help brighten someone's day. But no other pup, can ever, ever replace you. Just like no pup can replace Lucky... or any of the other CCI pups I have raised. You are all special in your own ways. But, you of course, are extra special...
That made me feel much better about things... especially that extra special part! But, I made her promise not to let Skipper pick up any socks... cause those are MY socks (ok, ok, they are actually my puppyraiser's, but Skipper doesn't need to know that!). And, I made her promise not to let Skipper use MY blankie (ok, ok, it's actually Lucky's blankie... but Skipper doesn't need to know that either! Besides, the blankie was given to Lucky by MY special work friend... and Skipper does need to know that!).


Marilyn said...

Carlo, I promise that when you are off at college and the wannabe is visiting us at work, I will not give him any special gifts, I won't let him carry my pens to meetings, and I won't try to walk him using his tail as a leash. You have nothing to worry about!

goodblackdogs said...

Well SOMEBODY had better give Skipper special gifts while he's there (just not any that will give him the big D). I'm not biased, I'm just Skipper's MOM!