Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Career and Twinkly Eyes (by: Carlo)

After I wrote about my last performance of Annie, I said to stay tuned as to what was next on my ever busy agenda. Well, hopefully you haven't gotten bored reading about Gerrit frolicking all over town and you're still out there reading my blog so I can give you the scoop on ME!

About a month ago my pal and I received our official letter of acceptance from the Delta Society! We are now officially a registered Pet Partner Team! The photo above is of me sporting my new and groovy Delta vest. My pal convinced me to try it on... but, it was just an excuse for her to take more photos of me. She got all into taking photos that bring out my eyes. She said that my eyes are the window to my soul and that she can tell what I'm thinking just by looking into them. Huh? I think Gerrit was right... that Marley & Me movie sure did bring out her sappiness!

Anyways... becoming a registered Delta Pet Partner Team is just a part of the process. In addition, we will have to apply to each individual place we would like to volunteer. This is because every hospital has its own rules and policies. So, about a month or so ago we started the application process at Sutter Hospital. And, just last week were officially accepted! In fact, on Christmas Eve we went by the hospital and the nice people there took our badge photos.

I really liked going to Sutter. Even though it was just for our badge photos... it was nice walking the hallways of the hospital. Every person that walked by looked at me and smiled! Even people who looked like they were in a rush, smiled as I trotted by. It made me really happy. My pal commented on how my tail didn't stop wagging and my eyes didn't stop twinkling. Dang, she sure is into my eyes lately!

After we got our badges, we stopped at Shriners Hospital for Children and dropped off all those knitted hats and bears that my pal's mom made. I actually stayed in the car while she dropped them off. Even though I'm now Delta certified, my pal didn't want to bring me in there yet since we haven't gone through Shriner's application process yet. Geesh, she's such rule follower! But, she did pick up an application, so hopefully we can start volunteering there too! And, she told me that the staff people were so happy to receive the hats and bears and couldn't wait to give them to the children. If she hadn't been such a rule follower, I could have seen how happy they were... and flashed my twinkly eyes at them!

Marley and Hair Plugs (by: Gerrit)

I dunno what the heck Carlo was talkin' about... I LOVED going to the movies yesterday. Going out to see Marley & Me at the theater was way better than staying home and reading the book! I LOVED everything... the sticky theater floors, the popcorn (which I tried on numerous occasions to swipe up from the floor when my puppy raiser wasn't looking), and all the people who wanted to pet me... it was awesome! Another cool thing is that I got to lay in such close proximity to my buddies Skipper, Idelle, and Nick. In fact, I was close enough to Skipper that I could bop him on the head with my paw! The whole movie experience was soooo much fun!

There sure were a lot of people at the theater. And, since the movie was about a dog (who I found out looks kinda like me and Skipper), we sure did get a lot of attention! Everyone kept pointing at us saying, "look... it's Marley!". Not only did I find out that I look like Marley... I also found out that my whisker dots on my face look like hair plugs! I have no clue what a hair plug is... but one of the puppy raisers commented on my dark whisker holes and said they looked just like hair plugs. All the puppy raisers laughed and laughed at that. So, not only do I have a wish spot... I also have... hair plugs! No wonder my puppy raiser always says I'm so cute!

At the end of the movie, all the puppy raisers were sobbing cause it had a sad ending. Boy, did I take advantage of that! Uninvited, I crawled up into my puppy raiser's lap. Normally I would have gotten corrected for that (cause I'm not supposed to do that unless I'm given the "lap" command). But, instead my puppy raiser gave me a big hug! So, in return I gave her a big wet kiss on the cheek! And, she didn't even mind! Boy, oh boy... sad dog movies ROCK!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Movies, Books, and Photos... oh my! (by: Carlo)

My pal told me she was going to take Gerrit to see the movie, Marley & Me today with a bunch of his buddies and their puppy raisers. To make it up to me (since I can't go) she said we could read the book together at home.

Since I'm not an assistance puppy in training... or a graduated assistance dog, I can't go to places like movie theaters any more. But, that's cool with me. To be honest, I would much rather snuggle on my comfy bed and read the book rather than sit on the sticky theater floor (where you can't even SEE the movie).

After my pal told me that we could read the book together... she proceeded to take a bunch of photos of me with the book. Oh my! I think this whole read the book thing was just a ploy for her to take some photos of me. She wanted to try out some of the new photography equipment she got for Christmas. We now literally have a little photo studio set up in the house. I told her that my modeling fee has now gone up to 2 Yummy Chummies, 3 Charlee Bears, 2 Zuke's Power Bones, and a few Old Mother Hubbard biscuits... per shot. She just gave me a look over her camera as she clicked away. Sigh...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! (by: Gerrit)

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May you all have a fun day filled with eating and playing!

Speaking of playing, I've gotta run... Carlo just grabbed my new toy and is running around the Christmas tree with it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bowling Alleys and Shoes (by: Gerrit)

Yesterday I got to go with my puppy raiser and her work team to a really cool place called a Bowling Alley. This alley was like no other alley I've ever seen!

When we first got there, I was super intrigued by the whole thing. The Bowling Alley had these long areas where people rolled big heavy balls, trying to knock down these white toys. When the ball hit the white toys, it made a super loud noise. CRASH!

I sat and watched transfixed for bit, but then I got sorta bored by the whole thing. I didn't really understand the whole concept of the game. Why on earth would you wanna roll a ball so far away? And, then not even try to chase the balls after you rolled it?! So, after awhile I stopped watching. Besides, there were far more interesting things at the Bowling Alley... like Bowling shoes... which had tons of smells on them! I tried to figure out just how many people had worn those shoes... but, I lost count after a while. All I know is that it was probably up in the zillions!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Holiday Comedy Performance (by: Gerrit)

Guess what?! I'm a star! That's right... Carlo is not the only performer in the family! Last week I got to perform with my puppy raiser in a holiday choir performance! For some reason (which I still don't understand), I wasn't allowed to actually sing with the choir. I was just supposed to lay there and look cute. But what fun is that? So, I decided if I can't sing... I may as well be a comedian!

During my big scene... when I got to be out front with the kids who sang I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus I decided to be my goofball self, roll over on my back, and wave my paws way up in the air. It was quite the comedy routine. And, check this out... the audience LOVED it! They laughed and laughed and pointed at me. I'm tellin' ya... I was better than Jerry Seinfeld! I brought the house down!

So, now I'm thinking that I may just give up my dreams of being on American Idol... and do a comedy show instead!!!

P.S. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of my comedy performance, but here I am after the performance, striking a pose in my Santa costume.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gin, the Dancing Dog (by: Gerrit)

My puppy raiser showed us this video today from a show called Britain's Got Talent. Gin, the dancing dog, is so cool! Even Simon Cowell called her "incredible" and said she was better than Rin Tin Tin. What the heck kind of a name is Rin Tin Tin?!

Anyways, I really liked watching Gin... but, I'm sure glad her act is dancin'... and not singin'. I still have secret aspirations to be on American Idol some day... and I don't need any competition!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Cute Too! (by: Gerrit)

I sure am glad all of that "Annie" stuff is over. It was fun going to the theatre to watch Carlo... but, other than that it just took time away from me! Carlo, Carlo, Carlo... that's all I ever heard for the past month. I'm cute too you know!!! And, I betcha I could walk across the stage all by myself!

Needless to say I was jumpin' for joy when my puppy raiser told me that I would get to go to a holiday party on Saturday! The party was for our local chapter of CCI. My puppy raiser took holiday portraits of all of the pups at the party... and during that time I've gotta say, I was a little BORED. I had to lay on a stage (where I couldn't even do cool stuff like Carlo got to do!). I just had to lay there, be good, and wait for her to finish. Fortunately, my buddies Nick and Idelle kept me company. The best part of the party was the after party. All of us "stage dogs" got to play. It was sooooo much fun!!! Here's a photo my puppy raiser took of me at the party... this was before the REAL party started.

As if my puppy raiser didn't take enough photos at this party, she took a bunch of holiday photos of me on Sunday, while we were hanging out at home. Somehow Carlo and Lucky got out of having to do this... they told me that's what I got for wanting all the attention. My puppy raiser took a bunch of photos of me with a teddy bear and a book called Twas the Night Before Christmas. She told me that she would read the book to us on Christmas Eve. I can't wait! Carlo told me it's a really good story and that has something to do with everyone, including the mice, being asleep...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Curtain Closes (by: Carlo)

On Sunday we had our very last performance of "Annie". What a roller coaster the last few weeks have been! I got to spend a bunch of time with my pal... had a multi-night sleepover at Annie's house... received tons of attention from cast members... received tons of attention from the audience after performances... got to go to a cast party... received tons of treats for being a good boy... was in the newspaper... was almost on tv... and had people applaud me and ask me for my autograph! Wow, just thinking of all of that makes me wanna flash my infamous smile... and then take a nap! 

Even though the hours were long, I sure do miss stage life. It was fun, fun, fun! 

So, many have been asking me now that "Annie" is over... what's next?! Well, a whole heck of a lot! Stay tuned... :-)