Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Christmas Gift Ever! (by: Carlo)

Sorry it has been FOREVER since I've posted a blog. But, you won't believe what happened on Dec 11! Santa delivered my very own baby boy!!!

Well, actually, my pal delivered him... but, she said that the delivery would have been easier if Santa had brought him down the chimney. I didn't get to see him right away cause my pal and baby boy were in the hospital, but she sent home his receiving blanket so that Lucky and I would know exactly what he smelled like before they came home. And, boy oh boy did he smell good!

Since baby boy has been home, we haven't gotten much sleep. Well, I've been getting my sleep cause I can sleep through anything... but, the humans haven't been getting much sleep. Baby boy likes to stay up at night... all night. My pal calls him her little night owl. It's kind of like having a new 2 month old CCI puppy... except noisier. Actually, now that I think of it, baby boy sort of reminds me of Gerrit. He sure did have some lungs when he first came home too. Gerrit said that it was because he had aspirations of being on American Idol. Hmmmmmm... I wonder if baby boy wants to be on American Idol too! Maybe he and Gerrit could do a duet!

Baby boy sure is sweet. I love him so, so much! My favorite thing these days is to lay right next to my pal while she feeds him. I feel so proud and happy to be there!

I leave you with this cute holiday video. The dog is waiting for his Christmas gift. I got my Christmas gift early this year... and it's the best Christmas gift EVER!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Dreams (by: Carlo)

I've been getting lots o' razzing since my last post. For some reason, people seem to think that I prefer sleeping over holiday decorating. Well, I'm here to tell all of you people... YOU ARE SO RIGHT! But, it's not as if I'm lazy or anything... it's just that when I sleep, I dream... and when I dream, I dream about REALLY fun stuff.

So, what do I dream about that is so fun? Well, when it's the holiday season and it's cold and wet outside... and my pal is busy decorating, I dream about things like summer!!! In fact, this video is a pretty dang good representation of my winter dreams...

In case you hadn't noticed while watching this, these are the same dogs as the ones from the holiday decorating crew video. Oh, and one dog in the video has the BEST name ever... which just happens to be the same as mine... ;-)

Well, I gotta go... so, I can fall asleep and have some more summer dreams... before my pal asks me to help put the Christmas lights on the house!