Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Weekend of Fun! (Part 3)

I thought the weekend of fun was over when we left San Francisco, but it wasn't! Since Monday was a holiday, after leaving San Francisco, we headed to a place called Half Moon Bay.

It was dark by the time we got there, so I wasn't really sure what the place was like. Plus, Lucky and I were super duper tired from our San Francisco adventure. After having dinner in special bowls supplied by the hotel and sampling some of the tasty doggie treats that the hotel left for us in our welcome package, we both crashed and slept soundly all night long!

In the morning, we all went for a walk on a trail called the coastside trail. It was so cool! But, as we were walking and my puppy raiser (as usual) was taking photos, we began to notice that it was raining over the ocean. My puppy raiser and her special guy friend said we better start heading back to the hotel. We had headed back only a few steps, when it started raining... and then pouring! We all started running. I was with my puppy raiser and we ran really fast. Dang, it was fun! Lucky was with my puppy raiser's special guy friend and they were a little slower. We kind of left them in the dust... :-)

We then got in the car and drove up the coast... where we found the best beach ever! Fortunately it had stopped raining (at least for a little while). So, we all played and played and played. And, we even got to see a beautiful rainbow (the first photo in this blog is of me and my puppy raiser sharing a special moment as we watch it). The photo below is of Lucky and me playing...

There was this one time when my puppy raiser was taking some photos of me and she looked up just in time to see the start of a REALLY big wave coming our way. She yelled, "Carlo, run!" I, of course, did and we both narrowly escaped getting super wet. Her special guy friend and Lucky saw the whole thing and they thought it was really funny. Here's a photo my puppy raiser took shortly before we had to run for it...

At one point, my puppy raiser caught me rolling on a mound of sand. She knew that couldn't be a good thing... so, she yelled at me to stop. She and her special guy friend came over to check out what I had been rolling in. As they came closer, they smelled something really good [side note by puppy raiser: it didn't smell good... it smelled disgusting!]. Well, it smelled really good to me (which is why I was rolling in it). They soon found out that under the mound of sand was a dead seal! They were totally grossed out and asked me what the heck I was thinking. I told them that I did it cause I'm a dog... and that's what we do... :-)

Needless to say, the weekend of fun ended with me getting a bath as soon as we got back home. Lucky got a bath too (even though she didn't roll on the dead seal... she wanted to, but my puppy raiser yelled at her before she could do it). My puppy raiser also washed the bed that I was laying on during the drive back home and she washed my collar. It sure is a good thing my puppy raiser loves me... :-)

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Marilyn said...

Great photos everyone! Carlo, I'm glad you had fun! You deserve it!

And about that seal -- what's up with that? First eating poop and now this?