Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dawgs in the Ruff Golf Tournament (by: Gerrit)

That's not me in the photo above... it's Carlo! That photo was taken at the 2006 Dawgs in the Ruff Golf Tournament when Carlo was about my age. (2006... dang Carlo's old!). Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that the 2008 Golf Tournament is coming up! It's going to be on Monday, September 22! It is going to be the 8th Annual Dawgs in the Ruff Golf Tournament to benefit Canine Companions for Independence!

I've never been to the Golf Tournament... but, I heard it's REALLY fun! At this event, people hit little white balls all over a big park (called the Granite Bay Golf Club... which I've heard is super fancy!), pet and hold CCI puppies, and eat! That sounds pretty dang cool if you ask me!

Tickets for this big event won't go on sale until August. But, I just wanted to give you all the super special heads up... cause this event is soooooo cool that tickets will probably sell out fast! For event info and online registration, go to

Oh, and when you check out Dawgs in the Ruff web site, make sure you check out the sponsor page. Do you see the part that says "Signature Sponsor" and how you can name a CCI puppy? Well, get this... Bank of the West was the signature company that named... CARLO!!! How cool is that?! The Signature Sponsor is already sold out for this event (by the cool Bank of the West folks!)... but, there are lots of other sponsorships available! Check it out cause you too can be cool like Bank of the West!

I hope you can all make it to the Golf Tournament! If you come, you can hang out with ME!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Coming up with Blog Ideas (by: Gerrit)

Today, during lunch, it was super duper nice outside. So, my puppy raiser and I sat under a tree and came up with some ideas of stuff to write in Carlo's blog! We came up with all kinds of cool ideas!

One idea is to have a weekly blog about dog training! Lots of people comment on how well-behaved I am... and I'm only a little over 3 months old! So, we thought it might be kinda cool to write something every week about how I am learning to be such a good boy.

Being a good boy definitely isn't easy. My puppy raiser is constantly working with me on stuff. But, it's super duper rewarding (you'll find out in a later blog why that is!). I thought that if I could share what I know with other dogs out there... they may get rewards too! And, let me tell ya'... getting rewards is da bomb!!!

We tried coming up with a special name for my training blogs... but, we couldn't agree on anything. All we know is that we want something fun and catchy. By the end of lunch, I totally had writer's block (as you can see in the photo below). If you have any ideas of what we can call my special weekly dog training blog, just send me a comment!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Potty Talk (by: Gerrit)

Lately my puppy raiser has been taking me with her into the bathrooms at work. Personally, I don't know why people don't just go outside like us dogs. It's MUCH easier!

I'm really not a big fan of going with my puppy raiser to the bathroom. In fact, the last few times we went, I actually put the breaks on and refused to enter. But, my puppy raiser made me go. She said that she didn't like public bathrooms either, but if she had to go... I had to go with her. Sigh...

The reason I don't like bathrooms is because the little rooms [side note by puppy raiser: bathroom stalls] are super small. One time, the door almost hit my head! And, I have to be careful not to touch anything. I don't really care if I touch anything, but my puppy raiser said she doesn't want me coming into contact with any germs. So, I have to sorta back into the bathroom stall and then stand or sit, but there isn't much room to do that! My puppy raiser said that I may as well get used to there not being much room because as I grow the little rooms are going to get smaller and smaller. Wow! That's like a nightmare!!!

Another bad thing about bathrooms is that they have so many non fun rules. For one thing, I am never supposed to try kissing my puppy raiser's face while she is errrrrrr.... doing her thing. And, I'm not supposed to act silly or wiggly. Also, no matter how intriguing, I am never supposed to stick my head in the toilet while it flushes. And, under no circumstances am I ever ever to drink from a toilet. If you ask me, that's a whole lot of rules for such a tiny room!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Puppy Party Fest (by: Gerrit)

This weekend I got to have my very first puppy sleepover!!! My buddy, Nick, got to spend 3 whole nights at my house! Another puppy named Hondo was supposed to join my puppy party fest too, but he ended up not coming cause his puppy raiser's camping trip got canceled. For some reason, my puppy raiser seemed kind of relieved about that. She said 2 puppies were enough... but, I think that the more puppies the better!

Even though Hondo couldn't make it, Nick and I had the best time ever! We played and played and played all weekend long. My puppy raiser said that we were like little energizer bunnies. All I know is that Nick is my bestest friend! I LOVE him!

My puppy raiser gave us party fest bandannas to wear. We're wearing them in the photo above. We didn't really know what we were supposed to do with the bandannas... but, then we figured it out...

One night, my puppy raiser invited some friends over, so the puppy party fest was really happening! The people sat by the fire pit and ate dinner and drank wine, Lucky begged for food, Nick and I played, and Ashley (the parrot) watched all the action. My puppy raiser said that it was like having Mutual of Omaha's Animal Kingdom in her backyard.

Of course, after a weekend of puppy party fest activities, I was exhausted. My puppy raiser saved her photo shoot until after we played a long time and were tired. The only thing is that I was a little too tired and fell asleep after the first few shots. This is a photo of me right after I fell asleep and right before Nick fell asleep. YAWN! Talkin' about sleep is making me sleep...y...zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Disability Awareness Day (by: Gerrit)

Today at work we had a special event called Disability Awareness Day. My puppy raiser and I and all of the other puppy raisers and pups at work got to go! The puppy raisers told people all about us pups and Canine Companions for Independence. That's me in the photo above, tail wagging, in anticipation of people petting me. Yeah, that didn't happen...

My puppy raiser didn't let anyone pet me! She kept telling people that I was a little pup and that it was important that I learn that everything is not always about me. Huh? I thought it was all about me! She told people that I get a little excited when other people pet me. Yeah, that part is true! And, that this type of event was a bit much for a little pup and she did not want for me to get too excited. She said at this stage it is very important that I learn to focus on her... just like I will be expected to focus on the person I am eventually matched with when I graduate and become an assistance dog. She also told people that it is very important that they always ask before petting an assistance dog in training or an actual working assistance dog. Depending on the situation, sometimes it's ok to pet, and sometimes it is not.

Sigh. So, I didn't get any attention. I had to lay under a chair, where all I saw were a bunch of shoes. I did learn a lot today though. I learned that there are many different styles of shoes that people wear. And, that while some shoes are much bigger than other shoes, they all look fun to chew on. I also learned that it isn't all about me. Although, I still don't really get that part. Finally, I learned that Carlo must be famous or something. There were all kinds of photos and articles about him on the table! I think he's like American Idol famous! Hmmmm... maybe I should start practicing my singing again... [side note by puppy raiser and Lucky: Noooooooo!]

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seeing Zucchini off to College (by: Gerrit)

Yesterday we took my buddy, Zucchini (real, but tougher to say, name: Zuleika), to doggie college. It was a long day... but, lots of fun!

In honor of going to my very first graduation ceremony, my puppy raiser gave me a big boy cape! That's me above wearing it while I look across the CCI campus. The cape has pockets to carry my business cards (yes, I have business cards!) and poop bags (those aren't as cool as the business cards!).

After what I saw yesterday, I can't wait to go to doggie college! CCI has this huge park like area for CCI dogs to play in! After Zucchini had her pictures taken, we got to play there. I got to play with some big dogs. It was tough to keep up with them. But, I sure tried. It was hot. So, I also drank a gallon of water.

After we played for a long time and were totally worn out, we went to a sandwich shop. The puppy raisers chatted and ate lunch while us CCI dogs had to be good and lay quietly under the tables. I had a SUPER DUPER embarrassing moment while under the table. I won't write about it in this blog cause I don't want the big dogs to make fun of me.

Fortunately, after lunch we went right to the graduation ceremony. There was so much going on there that it helped me take my mind off my embarrassing moment. I got to see dogs graduate from doggie college with their people partners! I even got to see two of Carlo's buddies (Zane and Billy) graduate! Billy graduated with a little girl and after the ceremony, she came up to me and pet and talked to me for a long time. She told my puppy raiser that she was super excited about getting Billy and that she loved him. I hope that some day I get to graduate with a little girl like Billy's little girl! She was super duper sweet!

At the ceremony I also got to meet Carlo's breeder caretaker! She sat right next to us! And, I got to see my daddy, Baja! He looks like a GIANT version of me! CCI is like one big family... everybody seems to know everybody. I kept getting passed from one person to another cause I'm still little and everybody wanted to hold me. But, I don't think they will want to hold me once I get to be the same size as my daddy!

The day ended with us dropping Zucchini off at doggie college. Her puppy raiser was sad. I was sad too because I loved playing with Zucchini! But, Zucchini was Carlo's buddy too and he will be happy that she is now joining him in college. Speaking of Carlo... Zucchini's puppy raiser saw Carlo in the kennels! She said that he was wagging his tail and looked super happy. My puppy raiser's eyes welled up with tears when she heard this. She was happy to hear that he was happy. Even though she has me now, she still misses him. I miss him too and I don't even know him... but, I feel like a do cause I write in his blog!

Speaking of blogging... here are two photos to end this blog entry! The first is of me telling Zucchini how much I love her. The second photo is of me... after I got a little too love happy and flipped over in excitement...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Extra Special Lunch Time (by: Gerrit)

Besides sleep time, lunch time is my favorite time at work. Usually my puppy raiser takes me outside and we play together and she teaches me my commands. But, sometimes lunch time is extra extra special cause we get together with all the other puppy raisers and CCI puppies from work (there are 6 of us CCI puppies who all work at the same place!). Today was one of the extra extra special lunch times!!!

It was a REALLY warm day, so we sprawled out in the grass under a big tree. I kept trying to play with all of the other CCI puppies, but my puppy raiser wouldn't let me. She said that even though it was lunch time... it was still "work" time, which meant we couldn't play. I think that lunch time should be play time. I think that ALL times should be play time. I LOVE to play! I could play all day... except for when I'm sleeping. And, when I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming about playing, so it's kind of like I'm playing then too!

Besides the fact that we couldn't play, lunch time was still super fun! Here is a photo of my buddies, Nick and Frisco. Nick just started work last week! And, Frisco is about to head off to college to join Carlo!

And, here is a photo of my buddy, Dupre. He's not all that much older than me... but, he's a heck of a lot bigger!

My puppy raiser tried to take some group photos of us, but they didn't really turn out, so I'm not going to post them on this blog. My puppy raiser said they didn't turn out because one of the puppies was being the class clown. She was looking right at me when she said that. Hee, hee! Did I mention that I like to play? :-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ain't No Bugs on Me! (by: Gerrit)

Wherever I go, people start singing the "Ain't No Bugs on Me!" song. Even the vet technician was singing it to me yesterday. At first I wondered why people kept singing about how they don't have any bugs on 'em. And, I was a little worried that people may actually have bugs on 'em and give 'em to me!

But, then my puppy raiser told me that they are singing it to me because I remind them of the puppy in the commercial. I guess I kinda do look like him!

P.S. There ain't no bugs on me!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Progress Report on Carlo! (by: Lucky)

We got Carlo's 2nd progress report yesterday! It's hard to believe he's already been in college almost 3 months now! He's currently working on retrieving dumbbells on the retrieve table and pushing shut drawers, cabinets, and closets. Hmmmmm... that kid is learning some useful stuff! I could use him around here to retrieve my leash... and treats off the kitchen counters.

He still has super good marks on everything... low distraction, low level of management, high response to motivation and correction, and high learning rate. His only problem is that he's still showing some fearful reactions. And, he's doing his goofy grin at everyone. It's a submissive grin. Carlo is a bit of a softie... no wonder I got along so well with him. That boy never doubted that I ruled the roost!

Gerrit and I have our paws crossed, my pal has her fingers crossed, and Ashley (the parrot) has her beak crossed in the hopes that Carlo will hang in there! We're all rootin' for you kid!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Bestest Day! (by: Gerrit)

I've had lots of bestest days, but yesterday was the bestest day ever! My puppy raiser took me and Lucky on a long drive to a place called Point Reyes. When we first got there, I had my puppy training class. Even though I was the littlest dog in class, my puppy raiser said that I did really, really well! She said she was very proud of me! We practiced things like "let's go", "sit", "down", "roll", and "under". The hardest thing for me was stairs... I've never done stairs before cause they are scary! But, the stairs in class were little (only a few steps) and my puppy raiser gave me lots of yummy treats each time I made it to the next step.

After class, my puppy raiser took me to this house where there was a puppy party! I played and played and played. The best part was when Skipper kept attacking me in the dirt. I had dirt in my eyes and up my nose. It was so cool!!! Here is a photo of me trying to get Skipper to attack me in the dirt again. If you look closely, you can even see the dirt in my eyes and up my nose. I love dirt! And, I love Skipper!

And, here are some photos of me dressed in dirt. I asked my puppy raiser if I could wear dirt every day, instead of my cape... but, she said noooooo! :-(

After I got really tired from playing, my puppy raiser put me in a kennel at the party house. The other little pups like me were also put in kennels. And, then my puppy raiser left while I took a nap. I found out later that my puppy raiser took Lucky on a hike (Lucky told me it was awesome!) and then she went to this other place for lunch, where all of the big dogs played in the water (the little pups like me couldn't go cause we were too little).

My puppy raiser told me to mention that all the photos on today's blog are courtesy of Skipper's puppy raiser. Did I mention I love Skipper? He's the bestest! He's the bestest dog ever! And, today was the beste... [side note by Lucky: OH MY GOSH... Enough already! Will you ever stop talking and let me sleep?!] Ok, I'm done! But, before I go... Lucky... I love you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Super Duper Fun Work... except for meetings (by: Gerrit)

This week was super duper fun at work! There was this one day where there were all these kids at work. It was called Take Your Kid to Work day... or something like that. I got to go with my puppy raiser to this special room, where there were tons of kids! All of the kids came over and pet me, and held me, and loved me! It was the total best. And, some of the kids had stickers... and they decorated my cape with stickers. It was the best work day ever, ever... EVER!

I also went to a few of my very first work meetings this week. Those weren't nearly as fun as the kid day. I had to lay quietly under a table while people talked on and on. My puppy raiser wouldn't let anyone pet me. I wanted to play with my puppy raiser, but she wouldn't even play with me. Meetings are sad. I did notice though that if I was quiet and looked at my puppy raiser, she gave me a treat! If it weren't for that, I would never wanna go to another meeting!

Every day at lunch my puppy raiser took me to this outside area, where I learned all kinds of stuff. We played a bunch, but also did lots of training. The photo of me up top is of me doing the "sit" command. I'm learning that one really well. I'm even learning something that my puppy raiser calls the "automatic sit"... that means that when I'm walking next to my puppy raiser and she stops, I sit right away and look at her. Every time I do it, my puppy raiser says "YES! You are such a good boy" and she gives me a super duper yummy treat!

The photos below are of me doing the "stand" command and "under". I have no idea what those commands really mean yet. I just follow my puppy raiser's hand as she lures me into position. My puppy raiser said that even though I'm just a little boy, it is good for me to start hearing these words now... cause some day, when I'm older, those words will start making sense. She said that I did the perfect "under". All I know is that she gave me a treat when I went under that bench... and I was tired and wanted to take a nap under there. Hmmm... under... I think I sorta get it!