Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Rockin' Day

Today was another rockin' day! My puppyraiser and her geo-caching puppyraiser friend took me and my buddy Zuleika (another CCI puppy) hiking on Salmon Falls Trail. The hike was along a river and was very scenic, with lots of good smells! The only thing I didn't get is why Zuleika's puppyraiser kept going off into the brush. One time she came out with a box that had a notebook and toys and stuff in it. She called it a cache. I have no idea what that is... but, every time she went into the brush, I got a little worried and whined.

Unfortunately, we had to cut the hike short cause these bugs kept getting on Zuleika and me. I actually didn't even notice that the bugs were there... but, they really freaked out the puppyraisers. They called them hicks... or was it ticks? Anyways, they decided to turn around because of the bugs. As soon as we got back to Zuleika's house, our puppyraisers combed every inch of us and then we were given baths. And we were scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. And then we had to stand on something called a grooming table... where our puppyraisers dried us with a blower and then furminated us.

After all that grooming, I finally got to play for a bit with Zuleika, and my other buddy Hope. Hope is a CCI dog too... but, she got released. She came back to live with Zuleika and her puppyraiser... and she is now a certified therapy dog!

It was another fun-filled, but exhausting day. I sure am going to need this work week to get some good nap time in so that I can recuperate from the weekend!

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