Friday, May 2, 2008

Super Duper Fun Work... except for meetings (by: Gerrit)

This week was super duper fun at work! There was this one day where there were all these kids at work. It was called Take Your Kid to Work day... or something like that. I got to go with my puppy raiser to this special room, where there were tons of kids! All of the kids came over and pet me, and held me, and loved me! It was the total best. And, some of the kids had stickers... and they decorated my cape with stickers. It was the best work day ever, ever... EVER!

I also went to a few of my very first work meetings this week. Those weren't nearly as fun as the kid day. I had to lay quietly under a table while people talked on and on. My puppy raiser wouldn't let anyone pet me. I wanted to play with my puppy raiser, but she wouldn't even play with me. Meetings are sad. I did notice though that if I was quiet and looked at my puppy raiser, she gave me a treat! If it weren't for that, I would never wanna go to another meeting!

Every day at lunch my puppy raiser took me to this outside area, where I learned all kinds of stuff. We played a bunch, but also did lots of training. The photo of me up top is of me doing the "sit" command. I'm learning that one really well. I'm even learning something that my puppy raiser calls the "automatic sit"... that means that when I'm walking next to my puppy raiser and she stops, I sit right away and look at her. Every time I do it, my puppy raiser says "YES! You are such a good boy" and she gives me a super duper yummy treat!

The photos below are of me doing the "stand" command and "under". I have no idea what those commands really mean yet. I just follow my puppy raiser's hand as she lures me into position. My puppy raiser said that even though I'm just a little boy, it is good for me to start hearing these words now... cause some day, when I'm older, those words will start making sense. She said that I did the perfect "under". All I know is that she gave me a treat when I went under that bench... and I was tired and wanted to take a nap under there. Hmmm... under... I think I sorta get it!

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Maddie said...

he is absolutely adorable...and it sounds like he's doing great!