Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seeing Zucchini off to College (by: Gerrit)

Yesterday we took my buddy, Zucchini (real, but tougher to say, name: Zuleika), to doggie college. It was a long day... but, lots of fun!

In honor of going to my very first graduation ceremony, my puppy raiser gave me a big boy cape! That's me above wearing it while I look across the CCI campus. The cape has pockets to carry my business cards (yes, I have business cards!) and poop bags (those aren't as cool as the business cards!).

After what I saw yesterday, I can't wait to go to doggie college! CCI has this huge park like area for CCI dogs to play in! After Zucchini had her pictures taken, we got to play there. I got to play with some big dogs. It was tough to keep up with them. But, I sure tried. It was hot. So, I also drank a gallon of water.

After we played for a long time and were totally worn out, we went to a sandwich shop. The puppy raisers chatted and ate lunch while us CCI dogs had to be good and lay quietly under the tables. I had a SUPER DUPER embarrassing moment while under the table. I won't write about it in this blog cause I don't want the big dogs to make fun of me.

Fortunately, after lunch we went right to the graduation ceremony. There was so much going on there that it helped me take my mind off my embarrassing moment. I got to see dogs graduate from doggie college with their people partners! I even got to see two of Carlo's buddies (Zane and Billy) graduate! Billy graduated with a little girl and after the ceremony, she came up to me and pet and talked to me for a long time. She told my puppy raiser that she was super excited about getting Billy and that she loved him. I hope that some day I get to graduate with a little girl like Billy's little girl! She was super duper sweet!

At the ceremony I also got to meet Carlo's breeder caretaker! She sat right next to us! And, I got to see my daddy, Baja! He looks like a GIANT version of me! CCI is like one big family... everybody seems to know everybody. I kept getting passed from one person to another cause I'm still little and everybody wanted to hold me. But, I don't think they will want to hold me once I get to be the same size as my daddy!

The day ended with us dropping Zucchini off at doggie college. Her puppy raiser was sad. I was sad too because I loved playing with Zucchini! But, Zucchini was Carlo's buddy too and he will be happy that she is now joining him in college. Speaking of Carlo... Zucchini's puppy raiser saw Carlo in the kennels! She said that he was wagging his tail and looked super happy. My puppy raiser's eyes welled up with tears when she heard this. She was happy to hear that he was happy. Even though she has me now, she still misses him. I miss him too and I don't even know him... but, I feel like a do cause I write in his blog!

Speaking of blogging... here are two photos to end this blog entry! The first is of me telling Zucchini how much I love her. The second photo is of me... after I got a little too love happy and flipped over in excitement...


Marilyn said...

Gerrit, you are such a good boy! I thought you were carlo in that first picture! I guess it was wishful thinking.

Thanks for letting us all know that Carlo is happy. Your puppy raiser isn't the only one who misses him.

I will miss Zucchini too. I got to visit her a few times and see her evolved from her ribbon-eating days. Everyone loves Z doggy!

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerrit, my name is Amy and I am a 6 month old CCI pup. You look very handsome from your pictures! I went to my first graduation yesterday too. Isn't cool to see all the other dogs? Everyone says I am going to be very tall, but seeing those really big dogs, I have a long way to grow. I love playing with them, but they run so much faster than I do and I kept getting in the middle of them all and knocked down. There was one really big dog - he ran right over! My puppy raiser came to my rescue but I didn’t want the other dogs to look at me like a baby, so I got right back in the middle of the pack. I love my puppy raiser, but it sure is fun playing with the big dogs. For some reason I have not figured out, my puppy raiser doesn’t like when I chew on her??? She tastes better than my nylabones, but she uses the serious choice when I do that - - the big dogs let me chomp on them...but then they did go after me and I had to run like crazy! Man, was I tired after yesterday. I have not gone out to eat yet - was it fun under the table? I still like to take things that I am not supposed to so my person has not taken me out special yet. Plus I have been a little sick, but my puppy raiser always takes really good care of me so I will be okay soon.

I just wanted to say, don't be embarrassed about what happened, we all make mistakes. And I really like hearing your blog. My puppy raiser person reads Carlos Blog a lot to me - he sounds great! I don’t have any other dogs here - just some cats. I have been trying to make friends with them, but they don’t like when I lick them and try to get them to run and play - go figure?

So thanks for saying it so well for all of us little CCI pups!

Anonymous said...

I just love how Zucchini is just sitting there whilst you flip out :) Ahhh you remind me of my boys, Gerrit!!