Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Progress Report on Carlo! (by: Lucky)

We got Carlo's 2nd progress report yesterday! It's hard to believe he's already been in college almost 3 months now! He's currently working on retrieving dumbbells on the retrieve table and pushing shut drawers, cabinets, and closets. Hmmmmm... that kid is learning some useful stuff! I could use him around here to retrieve my leash... and treats off the kitchen counters.

He still has super good marks on everything... low distraction, low level of management, high response to motivation and correction, and high learning rate. His only problem is that he's still showing some fearful reactions. And, he's doing his goofy grin at everyone. It's a submissive grin. Carlo is a bit of a softie... no wonder I got along so well with him. That boy never doubted that I ruled the roost!

Gerrit and I have our paws crossed, my pal has her fingers crossed, and Ashley (the parrot) has her beak crossed in the hopes that Carlo will hang in there! We're all rootin' for you kid!

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