Monday, May 26, 2008

Puppy Party Fest (by: Gerrit)

This weekend I got to have my very first puppy sleepover!!! My buddy, Nick, got to spend 3 whole nights at my house! Another puppy named Hondo was supposed to join my puppy party fest too, but he ended up not coming cause his puppy raiser's camping trip got canceled. For some reason, my puppy raiser seemed kind of relieved about that. She said 2 puppies were enough... but, I think that the more puppies the better!

Even though Hondo couldn't make it, Nick and I had the best time ever! We played and played and played all weekend long. My puppy raiser said that we were like little energizer bunnies. All I know is that Nick is my bestest friend! I LOVE him!

My puppy raiser gave us party fest bandannas to wear. We're wearing them in the photo above. We didn't really know what we were supposed to do with the bandannas... but, then we figured it out...

One night, my puppy raiser invited some friends over, so the puppy party fest was really happening! The people sat by the fire pit and ate dinner and drank wine, Lucky begged for food, Nick and I played, and Ashley (the parrot) watched all the action. My puppy raiser said that it was like having Mutual of Omaha's Animal Kingdom in her backyard.

Of course, after a weekend of puppy party fest activities, I was exhausted. My puppy raiser saved her photo shoot until after we played a long time and were tired. The only thing is that I was a little too tired and fell asleep after the first few shots. This is a photo of me right after I fell asleep and right before Nick fell asleep. YAWN! Talkin' about sleep is making me sleep...y...zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


Erin & Midnight said...

You are tooooooo cute love the last picture!!

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Andros said...

Mom, I want a Puppy Party!(-ANDROS II)


Wow! Gerrit is getting SO big!! He looks just like his daddy!! :)