Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Bestest Day! (by: Gerrit)

I've had lots of bestest days, but yesterday was the bestest day ever! My puppy raiser took me and Lucky on a long drive to a place called Point Reyes. When we first got there, I had my puppy training class. Even though I was the littlest dog in class, my puppy raiser said that I did really, really well! She said she was very proud of me! We practiced things like "let's go", "sit", "down", "roll", and "under". The hardest thing for me was stairs... I've never done stairs before cause they are scary! But, the stairs in class were little (only a few steps) and my puppy raiser gave me lots of yummy treats each time I made it to the next step.

After class, my puppy raiser took me to this house where there was a puppy party! I played and played and played. The best part was when Skipper kept attacking me in the dirt. I had dirt in my eyes and up my nose. It was so cool!!! Here is a photo of me trying to get Skipper to attack me in the dirt again. If you look closely, you can even see the dirt in my eyes and up my nose. I love dirt! And, I love Skipper!

And, here are some photos of me dressed in dirt. I asked my puppy raiser if I could wear dirt every day, instead of my cape... but, she said noooooo! :-(

After I got really tired from playing, my puppy raiser put me in a kennel at the party house. The other little pups like me were also put in kennels. And, then my puppy raiser left while I took a nap. I found out later that my puppy raiser took Lucky on a hike (Lucky told me it was awesome!) and then she went to this other place for lunch, where all of the big dogs played in the water (the little pups like me couldn't go cause we were too little).

My puppy raiser told me to mention that all the photos on today's blog are courtesy of Skipper's puppy raiser. Did I mention I love Skipper? He's the bestest! He's the bestest dog ever! And, today was the beste... [side note by Lucky: OH MY GOSH... Enough already! Will you ever stop talking and let me sleep?!] Ok, I'm done! But, before I go... Lucky... I love you!


Maddie said...

Look at those paws!!! He's gonna be a BIG boy!!

Lisa & Runza said...

WOW - what great pictures. You look like you had fun. I love the photo of you dressed in dirt. I bet you were very tired after all that playing!

Kasey and Blitz said...

Ooh, you are CUTE!!

Hi, I'm Kasey, and I'm a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs of America, but am hopefully going to switch to CCI for my next puppy. Is it okay if I link to your blog? You can link to mine too, if you email me your email address so I can add you. Email me at

Anna and Lawrence said...

Someone with a very cute name has a very cute face and a very cute smile! :)