Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ain't No Bugs on Me! (by: Gerrit)

Wherever I go, people start singing the "Ain't No Bugs on Me!" song. Even the vet technician was singing it to me yesterday. At first I wondered why people kept singing about how they don't have any bugs on 'em. And, I was a little worried that people may actually have bugs on 'em and give 'em to me!

But, then my puppy raiser told me that they are singing it to me because I remind them of the puppy in the commercial. I guess I kinda do look like him!

P.S. There ain't no bugs on me!


Andros said...

Everyone tell me that too! I must be because we are related!(Same Grandma!) They also tell me I look like the toilet paper pup! Also good luck to mom's buddy Conover flunked out...but boy is he living the good life now!

-Andros & Madison

Kasey and Blitz said...

Hehe, Blitz got those comments too! He didn't look as much like that puppy as Gerrit does though!

Pam said...


You haven't met me yet, but we are going to be work and play buddies. I would audition myself, but they probably only want yellow dogs and I'm black! I think you should audition as you are way better looking than the dog in the commercial!

Your buddy,

Erin & Midnight said...

There aint no bugs on me either!!!


Too cute!!