Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Potty Talk (by: Gerrit)

Lately my puppy raiser has been taking me with her into the bathrooms at work. Personally, I don't know why people don't just go outside like us dogs. It's MUCH easier!

I'm really not a big fan of going with my puppy raiser to the bathroom. In fact, the last few times we went, I actually put the breaks on and refused to enter. But, my puppy raiser made me go. She said that she didn't like public bathrooms either, but if she had to go... I had to go with her. Sigh...

The reason I don't like bathrooms is because the little rooms [side note by puppy raiser: bathroom stalls] are super small. One time, the door almost hit my head! And, I have to be careful not to touch anything. I don't really care if I touch anything, but my puppy raiser said she doesn't want me coming into contact with any germs. So, I have to sorta back into the bathroom stall and then stand or sit, but there isn't much room to do that! My puppy raiser said that I may as well get used to there not being much room because as I grow the little rooms are going to get smaller and smaller. Wow! That's like a nightmare!!!

Another bad thing about bathrooms is that they have so many non fun rules. For one thing, I am never supposed to try kissing my puppy raiser's face while she is errrrrrr.... doing her thing. And, I'm not supposed to act silly or wiggly. Also, no matter how intriguing, I am never supposed to stick my head in the toilet while it flushes. And, under no circumstances am I ever ever to drink from a toilet. If you ask me, that's a whole lot of rules for such a tiny room!


Marilyn said...

Okay,I saw the title of that blog post and I thought it was going to be about something completely different. This was definitely cuter, and less embarrassing for me!

Anonymous said...

LOL- love it