Thursday, May 22, 2008

Disability Awareness Day (by: Gerrit)

Today at work we had a special event called Disability Awareness Day. My puppy raiser and I and all of the other puppy raisers and pups at work got to go! The puppy raisers told people all about us pups and Canine Companions for Independence. That's me in the photo above, tail wagging, in anticipation of people petting me. Yeah, that didn't happen...

My puppy raiser didn't let anyone pet me! She kept telling people that I was a little pup and that it was important that I learn that everything is not always about me. Huh? I thought it was all about me! She told people that I get a little excited when other people pet me. Yeah, that part is true! And, that this type of event was a bit much for a little pup and she did not want for me to get too excited. She said at this stage it is very important that I learn to focus on her... just like I will be expected to focus on the person I am eventually matched with when I graduate and become an assistance dog. She also told people that it is very important that they always ask before petting an assistance dog in training or an actual working assistance dog. Depending on the situation, sometimes it's ok to pet, and sometimes it is not.

Sigh. So, I didn't get any attention. I had to lay under a chair, where all I saw were a bunch of shoes. I did learn a lot today though. I learned that there are many different styles of shoes that people wear. And, that while some shoes are much bigger than other shoes, they all look fun to chew on. I also learned that it isn't all about me. Although, I still don't really get that part. Finally, I learned that Carlo must be famous or something. There were all kinds of photos and articles about him on the table! I think he's like American Idol famous! Hmmmm... maybe I should start practicing my singing again... [side note by puppy raiser and Lucky: Noooooooo!]


Anonymous said...

Keep practicing that singing, Gerrit--it doesn't take much to beat David Cook. :P

Miss Fantine is learning the same lesson here, too. Believe me, it's better to learn it young than like Fantine at 8 months. :D

Andros said...

Good luck....I would stay away from the singing...soon after come this tart stuff(PR: Vinegar and Water to be exact!)