Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Extra Special Lunch Time (by: Gerrit)

Besides sleep time, lunch time is my favorite time at work. Usually my puppy raiser takes me outside and we play together and she teaches me my commands. But, sometimes lunch time is extra extra special cause we get together with all the other puppy raisers and CCI puppies from work (there are 6 of us CCI puppies who all work at the same place!). Today was one of the extra extra special lunch times!!!

It was a REALLY warm day, so we sprawled out in the grass under a big tree. I kept trying to play with all of the other CCI puppies, but my puppy raiser wouldn't let me. She said that even though it was lunch time... it was still "work" time, which meant we couldn't play. I think that lunch time should be play time. I think that ALL times should be play time. I LOVE to play! I could play all day... except for when I'm sleeping. And, when I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming about playing, so it's kind of like I'm playing then too!

Besides the fact that we couldn't play, lunch time was still super fun! Here is a photo of my buddies, Nick and Frisco. Nick just started work last week! And, Frisco is about to head off to college to join Carlo!

And, here is a photo of my buddy, Dupre. He's not all that much older than me... but, he's a heck of a lot bigger!

My puppy raiser tried to take some group photos of us, but they didn't really turn out, so I'm not going to post them on this blog. My puppy raiser said they didn't turn out because one of the puppies was being the class clown. She was looking right at me when she said that. Hee, hee! Did I mention that I like to play? :-)

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