Friday, December 28, 2007

Carlo the Super Dog!

What to do on a cold rainy day? Write my own theme song!

When people are feeling blue
and their smiles are too few
When stress has got them down
with faces in a frown...

There’s no need to fear
Carlo-dog is here!
Underdog may be talk of the town
but my doggie superpowers make me quite the hound!

I spring into action
causing quite a reaction
scrunching my nose and wrinkling my lip
with my doggie smile I look so hip!

And before you know it
people’s faces are all a-lit
with smiles and happy glee
for everyone to see!

No more frowns and sad faces
not even mere traces
stress and blue feelings fade away
oh what a happy day!

The sounds of “Sweet boy Carlo”
make me just glow!
My job now done, it is time once more
to take a nap upon the floor!

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Carlo, Wonderdog:
Your superpowers are so
special and unique.