Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tip Top Shape

Yesterday my puppyraiser took me to the CCI vet clinic in Santa Rosa so that I could have x-rays taken. All CCI pups have hip x-rays taken when they get turned in. CCI wants to make sure that we don't have any degenerative joint problems like hip dysplasia. Dogs that do have a problem, even if it very minor, are immediately released because you have to be in tip top shape to be an assistance dog.

Anyways, my puppyraiser took me to CCI to have my x-rays done early because she was concerned I may have problems with my shoulders. I do this thing when I sit where my front paws sometimes tremble. I'm not sure why I do it... I just do it. She mentioned this to my local vet and the vet examined my joints. When she pushed my shoulders in a certain direction, it was very uncomfortable for me and I squirmed a bunch.

So, my puppyraiser dropped me off at the CCI vet clinic in the morning and then she and Lucky went on a hike nearby at a lake. Lucky said it was awesome. She told me that even though my puppyraiser was feeling crappy (she has a cold), she still took Lucky on a nice long hike. Geesh... I wish I could have gone! It would have been much more fun than being at the vet clinic all day!

When my puppyraiser came to pick me up from the clinic, boy was I happy. I ran over to her and gave her my special “smile”. I felt like I had not seen her in ages... even though it was really just a few hours. The CCI vet clinic staff told my puppyraiser the results of my x-rays... and it was good news! They said that after examining my x-rays, the vet said that my shoulders look good! There is nothing wrong with them! I'm in tip top shape! Woohoo... time to go play!

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