Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bark Avenue

Last week my puppyraiser and I came across a doggie store in El Dorado Hills called Bark Avenue. They opened about 6 months ago and specialize in premium dog and cat foods. They also sell cute boutique stuff, like this mug (which my puppyraiser bought because the dog reminded her of me!). The store is owned by the Mizells, who opened the store after researching natural and human-grade foods for their dog, Spencer, who was diagnosed with cancer. By giving him an alternative diet, they were able to help prolong his life from the three-month diagnosis to more than a year!

Poor Spencer has since passed away, but their new pup, Charlie, is now learning the ropes of how to assist in the store. He's a golden retriever... and he's only about 2 months old. He is pretty fun... except when he wanted to play with my tail.

Here's an article about Bark Avenue in the El Dorado Hills Telegraph.

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