Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cole and Ilia Massie/Service Dog Team

My puppyraiser found this video tonight. She said that watching it reminds her why she keeps raising puppies for Canine Companions for Independence. She said it also makes her realize that she shouldn't shed any tears when she sends me off to college in February... because some day I may get to help a little boy like Cole.


Mo said...

Ok, now I am crying like a baby. It will be so much easier to brave the cold and take my puppy to class today. Thanks for the reminder of why we work so hard on these wonderful puppies.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Carlo!!

I'm Michelle, Cole Massie's mom. Thank you so much for posting our video; it's such a great way to thank all puppy raisers everywhere for the amazing gift they give.

Just thought you might like to know that Ilia has just been awarded the ASPCA's 2008 Dog of the Year Award!

They are flying us to New York at the end of October for the awards luncheon. We are very excited!

And a big thanks to all you CCI dogs (COCs included) are all very special, hard-working hounds!

Lots of love,

Michelle, Nick, Cole and Ilia Ignatius Beauregarde Massie

Anonymous said...

What an aweome "eye" shot of Carlo! I'm a photo nut :) and a pet crazy person ... watched REAL AMERICAN STORIES the other night, and that's how I found this ... amazing work guys! Keep it up!!!