Sunday, November 4, 2007

What’s Up with Working on Sunday???

Today my puppyraiser had to go to work. And, since she had to go... I had to go as well. As we were driving to work, she asked, “What’s up with working on Sundays?” She didn’t even wait for me to respond before she grumbled something about a deployment (whatever the heck that is) and then started rambling about how the word “Sunday” is probably a portmanteau of “Sunny Day” [side note by Carlo: she read the word portmanteau the other day and now can’t stop using it]... and that she can’t enjoy a sunny day, when she has to be stuck in a building all day... blah, blah, blah [side note by Carlo: I didn’t hear the rest because I fell asleep].

I really don’t know what she was griping about. She took Lucky and me on a long walk on the trails before heading to work [side note by Carlo: I’ll blog about Lucky in a future post]. And, once at work, I got to take a really nice long nap! On top of that, there was no annoying bird to keep me awake while I napped [side note by Carlo: I’ll blog about the noisy bird in a future post as well].

[side note by puppyraiser: I didn’t get to nap at work. It must be nice to be you!]

[side note by Carlo: It sure is!]

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