Monday, November 5, 2007

Top Dawg

Yesterday I mentioned going on a walk with Lucky. Lucky lives with my puppyraiser and me. She’s been around a long time (about 13 years) and she’s the top dawg, alpha, boss dog, and queen b**** [side note by Carlo: my puppyraiser just told me I couldn't use that word because while it's acceptable in the dog community, some people may take offense. People are way too sensitive!]. Anyways, Lucky is my pal and I love her. She totally rocks!

When I was little, I used to be kinda scared and intimidated by her because she would growl and bark at me if I was bugging her too much. But, then I discovered that she was just teaching me how to be a good boy instead of an annoying, pestering "twerp" (her word, not mine). And, Lucky learned that I was more than ok that she was the top dawg. Being top dawg would be way too much responsibility for me.

Our favorite game is when Lucky stomps her feet and barks at me. I then go running around and around the tree in the backyard. My long ears flap in the wind, and I act like a complete goof. And, when I stop, Lucky stomps her feet and barks, and I run around the tree some more. It’s great fun! And, my puppyraiser laughs and laughs when we do this... which makes us wanna do it even more!

My puppyraiser takes Lucky and me on lots of fun outings together. Usually I'm not in work mode on these outings, meaning that I don't have to wear my yellow CCI cape. This summer, we got to go camping in Tahoe and Yosemite! We even got to ride in a motor boat around Lake Tahoe. Here’s a photo of us on the boat. My puppyraiser made us wear life vests, but fortunately, we didn’t have to use ‘em! I laughed when I saw Lucky bursting out of her vest. She looked at me annoyingly and told me that when females age they sometimes become gravitationally-challenged.

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