Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful Thoughts

I've been thinking today about all of the things that I have to be thankful for...

I'm thankful for being an assistance dog in training. I get to go to places that most dogs only dream of going to, I get to be with my puppyraiser all the time, and I get to grow up knowing that some day I will be able to help someone in need.

I'm thankful that I get to go to training classes every week and that someday I will go to college (aka advanced training).

I'm thankful that my puppyraiser is always encouraging and helps me through those times when I'm a little scared or unsure of something.

I'm thankful for soft plush toys, nylabones, balls, and kongs.

I'm thankful that my puppyraiser leaves her socks on the floor, where I can pick them up and create sock piles.

I'm thankful that Ashley, the parrot, drops food on the ground. And, that my puppyraiser sometimes doesn't notice me picking up the food... until after I've already eaten it.

I'm thankful that Lucky greets me and my puppyraiser at the door every day when we come home from work.

I'm thankful that my puppyraiser calls me "sweet boy" instead of "lil' sh*t"... which is what she sometimes called her last CCI dog in training (who had a tendency to REALLY get in trouble).

I'm thankful for sticks, butterflies, rose petals, acorns, and all those other fun things that I find out in the backyard.

I'm thankful for movie nights when I get to snuggle with my puppyraiser.

I'm thankful for camping trips, road trips, and well... any kind of trip.

I'm thankful for kids with food covered fingers.

I'm thankful for long summer days when I can bask in the sun, as well as long winter nights when I can bask in the warmth of a fireplace.

I'm thankful that people are so happy. They always seem to smile at me every time I walk by.

I'm thankful I'm a dog and I have a blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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