Sunday, November 25, 2007

Patience is a Virtue

In the spirit of the holiday season, and with all of the hallmark words floating around, I thought that today I would write about patience. The saying "patience is a virtue" are my words to live by. Case in point - gaining access to a much-wanted nylabone.

Lucky will often pick up the largest, yummiest looking nylabone in the house and settle down for a chew fest. This used to be very upsetting to me because I would want that particular nylabone too (even though there are other nylabones and an assortment of toys to choose from).

But, I learned that if I were very, very patient, the coveted nylabone would eventually be mine. All I have to do is lay quietly next to Lucky as she chews on the nylabone. I put my head down between my two front paws and stare intently as she chews... and chews... and chews. Finally, after what seems like forever, she finally stops. But, the nylabone isn't mine yet. No, I must be even more patient for Lucky will then rest her head next to the nylabone... and I dare not take it at this point. But, in time, Lucky will get bored and finally walk away and the nylabone will be mine, mine, mine! Ahhhhhh!

So, as you are dealing with the holiday madness - waiting in security lines at the airport, waiting for long lines in the shopping malls to move, waiting for Santa to finally arrive - remember this: Patience is a virtue... and, if you are very patient, eventually that "nylabone" will be yours.

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