Wednesday, November 28, 2007

May We All Be So Lucky

My buddy Lucky has once again lived up to her name!!! She had surgery on Monday to remove a growth on her tongue. My puppyraiser was worried that the growth may be cancerous. However, the biopsy results showed that it was benign! This news came just a few weeks after the vet thought Lucky may have lymphoma... and those results came back negative! When she found out the good news, my puppyraiser gave Lucky a big hug and said to her, "You sure are one lucky dog!"

Lucky was given her name when, as a puppy, she was about to be dropped off at a pound, and my puppyraiser saw her and took her on the spot. The name Lucky came from the fact that she didn't have to spend a single night at the pound.

Over the years Lucky has lived up to her name repeatedly. She once ate snail bait, which a neighbor had carelessly strewn all over his lawn... much of which ended up falling into my puppyraiser's backyard! Lucky went into shock and ended up in the emergency center. The vet said it was a miracle she lived.

She was attacked twice in her lifetime by other dogs. In both situations the other dogs were off leash while Lucky was on leash. She miraculously came away from both incidents completely unscathed! She once jumped out the back window of a moving car to chase a squirrel. This act left her without a single injury... but boy was she in troubbbbllllle! She was also quite the escape artist in her younger days... escaping from the backyard so that she could roam her hood. But, she was always found unhurt. She's bounded off high mountain rocks, swam out of strong river cross currants, eaten chocolate (and the foil it was wrapped in), and was chased by a flock of big crows who were very pissed off at her. She bounded back from each of these incidents as if none of them ever happened.

Long live Lucky! May we all be as lucky as she!

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