Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Crazy Bird and Movie Nights

In addition to my puppyraiser and Lucky, I live with a crazy bird named Ashley. She's an African Grey parrot. She came to live with us this past summer. Another puppyraiser needed to re-home Ashley and my puppyraiser being the sucker she is... errr, I mean nice person... took her in.

Ashley's not all that bad... but, she can be wayyyyyy obnoxious, especially during movie nights. Movie nights at my house are the best! My puppyraiser rents a movie, pours herself a glass of vino, and sits down on the floor next to Lucky and me. Lucky likes to sleep on her pillow. But, me? I snuggle right on up next to my puppyraiser. And, now that the weather is getting cooler, my puppyraiser usually shares a big cozy blankie with me. Awwww... total bliss. However, just when I'm on the verge of falling into deep puppy slumber... I hear "CHIHUAHUA!" I awake with a start. Hearing nothing further, I stretch, yawn, close my eyes, snuggle a little closer to my puppyraiser, and then I hear, "SPEAK! WOOF WOOF! QUIET! HELLO ASHLEY! LUCKY... LUCKKKKY". And, this goes on and on and on. And, then my puppyraiser, in noise competition, turns up the volume of the movie. It makes me just wanna yell, "SERENITY NOW!". But, instead, I just drown out all the noise, bury my head deeper in my puppyraiser's lap, and add to all the noise by sawing some Zzzzzzzzs. Dang, even with the crazy bird, movie nights sure are the best!

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