Friday, April 4, 2008

Think like a dog (by: Lucky)

My pal was feeling stressed tonight. Stressed about work. Stressed about doing taxes. Stressed about an upcoming test she's taking. Geesh, she's such a stress head! So, I posted this photo of Carlo to make her laugh. It was taken in Half Moon Bay before the kid went off to college. Check him out... have you ever seen a longer tongue?! What a goof!

I don't understand why people always stress about things. They should think more like us dogs. We never stress about anything. Well, we do stress about some things... but, just important stuff like when our next meal is coming and when we're going on our next walk (cause those things can NEVER come soon enough). But, we don't stress about all those lame little things that people stress about.

It sure is a good thing that I know how to get rid of my pal's stress. She totally laughed when I showed her the funny Carlo photo. And, she laughed even more when I grabbed a toy and started prancing around with it. In fact, she pushed aside the stuff she was working on (I think it was taxes... whatever the heck that is) and told me it was time to play! Woohoo! She's FINALLY thinking like a dog!

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