Saturday, April 12, 2008

Carlo's First Report Card (by: Lucky)

We got Carlo's first report card (aka Advanced Training report) the other day! The kid is doing well! Actually, I gotta admit... he's perfect! I mean, not as perfect as me. But, then who is?

Carlo's report was the best report we've ever received on a pup. Well, our first pup, Lonnie, doesn't count cause she was released before we ever even received a report. She was scared of everything... including fire hydrants! Can you believe that one?

Carlo is learning all kinds of stuff in college right now... retrieve, hold, get, and push. He's got really good marks on overall performance. His learning rate is high and his energy and level of management are low. His trainer wrote that he is eager to please his handler, he interacts appropriately with the other dogs, and he's adjusted well to kennel life.

In fact, the only issue reported is that he showed fearful reactions when approached by young children. He attempted to hide behind his handler. Sigh. Poor Carlo. I used to tell him that kids were like little dogs... nothing to be afraid of... and, the best thing is that they always are eating and dropping food! What could be better than that?! Anyways, CCI is going to continue to evaluate that issue. Hopefully, he'll get over it... cause if he does... watch out! That boy is gonna be a superstar!

Go Carlo! We're all rooting for you kid!

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Marilyn said...

Good job Carlo! I'm so proud of you. I know that since you were such an awesome pen carrier you'd be good at all of that advanced stuff.

Now try not to let those little people bug you. Remember, they are just a teeny bit smaller than me, your most favorite work buddy!