Monday, March 31, 2008

See What You're Missing Kid (by: Lucky)

Carlo is away and I get to play! In case any of you non-assistance dogs in training are wondering... no, you don't need to be an assistance dog to go places and do fun things! Saturday night my pal (aka Carlo's puppy raiser) and her SGF (aka special guy friend) packed ME up in the car and we headed to Napa! Carlo, if you're reading this from college... see what you're missing kid!

Carlo had been to Napa before and he used to tell me all about it (whatever)... but, I am sure that he never had as much fun as I had when I went to Napa. Our day was filled with mystery and intrigue cause we went to the CIA! That's right, baby... the CIA! [side note by puppy raiser: Ummmm... Lucky, the CIA we went to was not the Central Intelligence Agency... it was the Culinary Institute of America]. Yeah, I know... but, "culinary" sounds so boring. After all, what the heck is a culinary? [side note by puppy raiser: it essentially means cooking... as in cooking food]. FOOD?! FOOD?! Why the heck didn't you tell me that sooner?! That's even better than the Central Intelligence Agency! Hey Carlo, if you're reading this from college... let me repeat... we went to the FOOD Agency!

So, we went to the Food Agency in Napa! How cool is that?! That photo at the top is of me with the Food Agency in the background. When we first got there, we went on a long walk around some vineyards. OMG... the smells were out of this world! There is something about that fertile Napa ground that just made me wanna sniff and sniff and sniff. And, of course, I had to pee everywhere... just to let everyone know that I was there! Here's a photo of me on the best smelling land ever!

After a long walk, we headed back to the car. My pal fed me dinner. At the time, eating my dinner was pretty exciting to me. But, that was when I thought my pal and her SGF were going to the Central Intelligence Agency. If I had known they were going to the FOOD Agency... I would have been a little more disappointed in my bland old dog dinner... and I would have insisted on going to dinner with them! [side note by puppy raiser: Ummmmm, Lucky, you wouldn't have been allowed in the CIA because you're not an assistance dog or an assistance dog in training]. Yeah, whatever... as if I don't provide my own special kinds of assistance! Anywayssss... while they dined on fine food, I took a nap in the car. I actually really enjoyed the nap because it was a beautiful day, the windows were cracked, car was parked under a big tree, and I was able to curl up in my nice big comfy car blankie. Ahhhhhhhhhh! It was total bliss!

So, all in all, the day was a blast. Of course, what would have made it better is if my pal and her SGF had at least brought me back a doggie bag from the CIA! Their excuse was that they had scallops for dinner... and I wouldn't have liked them. I don't know what a scallop is... but, if it came from a place called the Food Agency, I'm sure it would have been quite tasty! Here I am at the entrance of the Food Agency. This was as far as I was allowed to go. But, just think... right within those huge doors behind me, all kinds of cooking is going on. Dang... just the thought of it makes me drool. [side note by Carlo's puppy raiser: Blog time is over... I've gotta clean the drool off my laptop...]

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