Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Place Called "Work" (by: Gerrit)

Hi! My name is Gerrit! (side note by Lucky: Dude, everybody already knows who you are). Oh yeah, I forgot! Ummmmm. Ummmmm. Lucky, what haven't I told them about yet? (side note by Lucky: Grrrrrr. Why don't you tell them about going to work). Oh, ok! Lucky, I LOVE you! (side note by Lucky: Sigh. Start writing kid... I'm trying to take a nap!).

I had to go to this place called "work" every single day this week. I went Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs... (side note by Lucky: Gerrit! You don't have to give that much detail!). So, I went to work a whole bunch of days. I went so many days that I'm not even scared of it anymore. I don't even sing my sad songs in the car anymore! My puppy raiser said that makes her very happy.

At work, I stay in this place that my puppy raiser calls a "cube". It's short for something, but I can't remember what. Anyways, that photo up above is of me in the cube. I'm sitting in front of the computer. I love computers! Here's a photo of me snuggling up next to my puppy raiser's work computer.

While snuggling next to the work computer is nice, my favorite... and I mean FAVORITE place to sleep at work is right under my puppy raiser's chair. She keeps trying to get me to lay on the comfy bed... but, I prefer the spot right under my puppy raiser's chair. My puppy raiser told me that's really not the best place for me cause one of these days she's accidentally going to step on me... but, I don't care.. I LOVE that spot. I LOVE my puppy raiser. And, I LOVE Lucky. I'm so happy. I'm a happy puppy! I think I feel a puppy attack coming on. Gotta go!


Lani said...

what a googy guy!

Lani's been a work now for two months and always has to start the day curled up around the base of my chair. Haven't run over her yet. but even then I doubt that she would move - crazy kids

Andros(& Madison) said...

We're related! We have the same Grandma! Korina is my grandmother and yous too! How cool is that!

Erin & Midnight said...

**Midnight Says**

Gerrit you are SOOO cute!! I love being under my mom's desk, at school and at home,it irritates her because then she has to sit crazy to reach the computer and she's always complaining about how her shoulders hurt...and i wanna know how that is MY fault?!
anyways I love the picture of you upside down it made me laugh!
be good :-)


Anonymous said...

OMG Gerrit - You are soooo cute and such a good boy! You have such a good puppy raiser and it looks like you are taking well to the hmmm of her computer!

I don't want to keep you from your nap, but we hope to meet you soon!

Team Viaspire