Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekends Are More Fun! (by: Gerrit)

Over the last few days my puppy raiser has been teaching me about the difference between work days and weekends. The first few days my puppy raiser had me, she worked from home. Those were work days. Those days were ok except I had to stay in my x-pen most of the time.

Friday was my first day of actually going to work. It was a work day too. It was ok. To be honest, it was a little scary. First, there was the car ride. I'm not a big fan of cars. Then, my puppy raiser made me wear this thing called a cape. She said that it identifies me as an assistance puppy in training, but it felt funny. And, if the cape weren't bad enough, my puppy raiser made me walk with this thing called a leash attached to my collar. Fortunately, she mostly carried me and we only did a little bit of walking. The leash didn't turn out to be too bad cause I noticed that if I ignored it and just walked next to my puppy raiser, I got lots of yummy treats.

Other than all that, things at work went pretty well. The best part was all the attention I got from people. They all thought I was super cute... but wondered why my ear was green. My puppy raiser had to explain that it's green cause CCI gave me a tattoo so people know who I am. Supposedly the green stuff eventually wears off and then you'll just be able to see a number in my ear. But, right now I look a little like a leprechaun.

Yesterday was MUCH more fun than going to work. It was called the weekend. In the morning, I got to play with a little girl while my puppy raiser went to a class. And, then in the afternoon my buddy, Zucchini, came over and we played a whole bunch. It was a day of play! My puppy raiser told me that today is still the weekend. Yay!!! I LOVE weekends! I think every day should be a weekend cause weekends are much more fun! When I told that to my puppy raiser, she said I learn very fast!

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Maddie said...

Great photo! Gerrit is such a handsome boy! I may be biased in saying this...but I think CCI breeds some of the most beautiful dogs!