Thursday, April 17, 2008

All About Me (by: Gerrit)

Today Lucky told me all about blogging, so that I can write and tell you all about me! Lucky rules the roost. That's what she told me... numerous times since I arrived here Tues night (and she said I should probably mention it in this blog). I asked her why this was called Carlo's blog if she ruled the roost. She said that I ask too many questions.

Anyways... my name is Gerrit! I've been told that when I grow up I am going to be an assistance dog! I'm not really sure what that is, but I guess I'll find out. My mama's name is Brindy and my daddy's name is Baja. I have 9 brothers and sisters... Gator, Gianna, Ginger, Georgia, Greg, Gigi, Grettel, Glenn and Gary. This has been a really rough week for all of us. Our breeder-caretaker (the lady who took care of us since we were born) took us to a place called Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) earlier this week. It's in Santa Rosa. At CCI we were given health examinations and had our ears tattooed with a number (my ear is still super green from it!). Then, a lady packed me up in a car and drove me to Sacramento. I wasn't very happy about it. So, I sang a sad song during the drive. I sang it ALL the way to Sacramento. Then, my puppy raiser picked me up from this lady's house and drove me to the place that is going to be my home for the next year and a half. She only drove about 10 minutes... but, I sang all the way then too.

During the last couple of days, I've just been getting used to my new home. My puppy raiser worked from home so that it would be easier on me. While she worked, I stayed in an x-pen and played with toys and slept. A really nice lady brought a big stuffed dog over for me. She thought it would help me get over missing my mama. She was right! I love it! I love to snuggle up to it, just like I used to snuggle up next to my mama. The lady also brought a real dog named Zucchini. Zucchini runs really fast!

Tonight, after my puppy raiser finished working, she took Lucky and me on a walk! Only, she didn't let me actually walk. She said that I was too young. I haven't had all of my shots yet and she was worried I may catch something. So, she put me in a big canvass purse and slung me over her shoulders. My puppy raiser was a little worried I wouldn't like it. But, it was so much fun! I didn't move at all. I just sat there in the bag and watched Lucky as she roamed off trail and sniffed and peed. The dog that rules the roost sure does pee a lot! Every once in a while, my puppy raiser would lift the purse up so that I could snuggle up against her neck. That was the best part of the walk! Lucky says that I'm a mama's boy. She says that Carlo was a mama's boy... but, that I'm even more of a mama's boy!

I guess I am a mama's boy because I really wanna snuggle with my puppy raiser now. I'll write more later!


Lani said...

Lani Says:
arrroooo awwwrueeeeee ooooohhheeyawoooo

translated: welcome to the blog world.

Andros(& Madison) said...

Andi: Hello Gerrit, also one important thing to remember is that if you sing in your crate they will spray this yucky stuff in your mouth, and it's pretty horrible! (PR: Andi that vinegar/water!)