Tuesday, April 8, 2008

News from the Homefront (by: Lucky)

New Puppy Arriving

For those of you whom have not heard the news, we are getting yet another rug rat [glare from Carlo's puppy raiser]... errrr... adorable CCI puppy to raise. This is going to be CCI puppy #5. His name is Gerrit. That's him in the photo above. I sure hope he comes with that bunny cause he ain't getting any of my toys [glare from Carlo's puppy raiser]... I mean, he is welcome to play with any of my toys... if I'm not interested in them at that particular moment... :-).

Gerrit (or G-Dawg as I like to refer to him) is arriving exactly one week from today. That means I've got one week left of getting ALL the attention. So, I've really gotta play it up now to get as much of that attention as possible! It also means that I've got one more week before the sleepless nights begin [side note by Carlo's puppy raiser: Ummm, Lucky - you NEVER have helped take out the pups in the middle of the night when they need to go]. Yeah, but I've gotta listen to the pups whining... and then I've gotta listen to you frantically jumping out of bed to get them outside in time. That really interrupts my quality sleep time!

My pal just asked me to post this photo too. This photo is of Gerrit's mom, Brindy, with her litter of pups. Gerrit may or may not be in that wagon full of pups. There was something like 10 pups in the litter. Dang! I'm so glad we're just getting one of 'em!

Carlo's Progress Report
The other big news is that we are supposed to receive Carlo's 1st progress report soon. So, we'll finally have an idea of how the kid is doing in college. We should get that report sometime this week or next. Stay tuned!


Erin & Midnight said...

yay for puppies!! I love the bottom picture!

Madison & Andros said...

Oh I am so excited for you!

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

Aww Gerrit is such a cute name! Congrats!

ails&candi said...

Love your blog, Carlo you are gorgeous. Very cute pictures.

take care
ails & candi