Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Career and Twinkly Eyes (by: Carlo)

After I wrote about my last performance of Annie, I said to stay tuned as to what was next on my ever busy agenda. Well, hopefully you haven't gotten bored reading about Gerrit frolicking all over town and you're still out there reading my blog so I can give you the scoop on ME!

About a month ago my pal and I received our official letter of acceptance from the Delta Society! We are now officially a registered Pet Partner Team! The photo above is of me sporting my new and groovy Delta vest. My pal convinced me to try it on... but, it was just an excuse for her to take more photos of me. She got all into taking photos that bring out my eyes. She said that my eyes are the window to my soul and that she can tell what I'm thinking just by looking into them. Huh? I think Gerrit was right... that Marley & Me movie sure did bring out her sappiness!

Anyways... becoming a registered Delta Pet Partner Team is just a part of the process. In addition, we will have to apply to each individual place we would like to volunteer. This is because every hospital has its own rules and policies. So, about a month or so ago we started the application process at Sutter Hospital. And, just last week were officially accepted! In fact, on Christmas Eve we went by the hospital and the nice people there took our badge photos.

I really liked going to Sutter. Even though it was just for our badge photos... it was nice walking the hallways of the hospital. Every person that walked by looked at me and smiled! Even people who looked like they were in a rush, smiled as I trotted by. It made me really happy. My pal commented on how my tail didn't stop wagging and my eyes didn't stop twinkling. Dang, she sure is into my eyes lately!

After we got our badges, we stopped at Shriners Hospital for Children and dropped off all those knitted hats and bears that my pal's mom made. I actually stayed in the car while she dropped them off. Even though I'm now Delta certified, my pal didn't want to bring me in there yet since we haven't gone through Shriner's application process yet. Geesh, she's such rule follower! But, she did pick up an application, so hopefully we can start volunteering there too! And, she told me that the staff people were so happy to receive the hats and bears and couldn't wait to give them to the children. If she hadn't been such a rule follower, I could have seen how happy they were... and flashed my twinkly eyes at them!


Lisa and Ellie said...

Congrats - that's awesome! :)

goodblackdogs said...

Hey Carlo - see if your pal can con an unsuspecting black dog into a photo shoot with the new christmas gear.

Anna and Tianna said...

Woo hoo!! Congrats on your new career! You'll be a great therapy doggie!!