Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Love Vacations and San Francisco! (by: Gerrit)

For the holidays, my puppy raiser and I were on vacation for a whole week and a half! That meant no work... just fun! We slept in, went on long walks, played, opened Christmas gifts, and played some more... with our new toys! It was awesome! I wish we were on vacation ALL the time! One of the bestest things we did while on vacation was go to San Francisco with my buddies Nick, Idelle, and Skipper and their puppy raisers.

We drove to Concord and from there took a train named BART into the city. It was kind of weird because you would think that something with a name like BART would be real. But, I don't think it was real since it was a train. Although, it did rumble around and make lots of noises like something that was real! Kind of scary now that I think about it. But, at the time, I didn't think anything of it... and just fell asleep.

Once in the city, we walked and walked and walked. My puppy raiser kept saying that at the end of the long walk we would get to go to a super special beach where we could play. She said she took Carlo and Lucky there last year and they had such a good time. But, after we walked FOREVER, we still weren't there. I didn't mind the walk though cause we saw tons of stuff... like a guy who drummed on bowls, dogs of all shapes and sizes, and huge smelly creatures called sea lions. We also stopped for lunch at a restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf. If you looked out the windows of the restaurant you could see the smelly creatures... but, us pups were too worn out to look. We all just fell asleep.

After lunch, we walked and walked some more. Finally my puppy raiser took out a map and realized that the special beach was a little further away than she originally thought. By this time were near a place called Ghirardelli Square. And, it was kind of late in the day. So, the puppy raisers decided to give up on the beach idea and instead go get some chocolate. Huh?! Chocolate over beach?! We pups were robbed! Now if we had given up on the beach to get doggie treats I could TOTALLY understand, but the chocolate was for the puppy raisers! We pups can't even eat chocolate cause it's bad for us!

I was looking a little sad about not going to the beach so my puppy raiser patted me on the head and promised that she would take me there another time. Oh boy! I can't wait to got back to San Francisco! Is it time yet for another vacation?!


goodblackdogs said...

You and Mary need to go back and take a picture of "Gerrit-Deli" in front of "Ghirardelli." How did we miss that op????

SF Canine Crew said...

Wouldn't want them pups eating chocolate indded! Nice post.