Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bowling Alleys and Shoes (by: Gerrit)

Yesterday I got to go with my puppy raiser and her work team to a really cool place called a Bowling Alley. This alley was like no other alley I've ever seen!

When we first got there, I was super intrigued by the whole thing. The Bowling Alley had these long areas where people rolled big heavy balls, trying to knock down these white toys. When the ball hit the white toys, it made a super loud noise. CRASH!

I sat and watched transfixed for bit, but then I got sorta bored by the whole thing. I didn't really understand the whole concept of the game. Why on earth would you wanna roll a ball so far away? And, then not even try to chase the balls after you rolled it?! So, after awhile I stopped watching. Besides, there were far more interesting things at the Bowling Alley... like Bowling shoes... which had tons of smells on them! I tried to figure out just how many people had worn those shoes... but, I lost count after a while. All I know is that it was probably up in the zillions!

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