Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marley and Hair Plugs (by: Gerrit)

I dunno what the heck Carlo was talkin' about... I LOVED going to the movies yesterday. Going out to see Marley & Me at the theater was way better than staying home and reading the book! I LOVED everything... the sticky theater floors, the popcorn (which I tried on numerous occasions to swipe up from the floor when my puppy raiser wasn't looking), and all the people who wanted to pet me... it was awesome! Another cool thing is that I got to lay in such close proximity to my buddies Skipper, Idelle, and Nick. In fact, I was close enough to Skipper that I could bop him on the head with my paw! The whole movie experience was soooo much fun!

There sure were a lot of people at the theater. And, since the movie was about a dog (who I found out looks kinda like me and Skipper), we sure did get a lot of attention! Everyone kept pointing at us saying, "look... it's Marley!". Not only did I find out that I look like Marley... I also found out that my whisker dots on my face look like hair plugs! I have no clue what a hair plug is... but one of the puppy raisers commented on my dark whisker holes and said they looked just like hair plugs. All the puppy raisers laughed and laughed at that. So, not only do I have a wish spot... I also have... hair plugs! No wonder my puppy raiser always says I'm so cute!

At the end of the movie, all the puppy raisers were sobbing cause it had a sad ending. Boy, did I take advantage of that! Uninvited, I crawled up into my puppy raiser's lap. Normally I would have gotten corrected for that (cause I'm not supposed to do that unless I'm given the "lap" command). But, instead my puppy raiser gave me a big hug! So, in return I gave her a big wet kiss on the cheek! And, she didn't even mind! Boy, oh boy... sad dog movies ROCK!

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Marilyn said...

I could have used a Gerrit hug and kiss after that movie too. Not a dry eye in the theater in Davis either :)