Saturday, December 27, 2008

Movies, Books, and Photos... oh my! (by: Carlo)

My pal told me she was going to take Gerrit to see the movie, Marley & Me today with a bunch of his buddies and their puppy raisers. To make it up to me (since I can't go) she said we could read the book together at home.

Since I'm not an assistance puppy in training... or a graduated assistance dog, I can't go to places like movie theaters any more. But, that's cool with me. To be honest, I would much rather snuggle on my comfy bed and read the book rather than sit on the sticky theater floor (where you can't even SEE the movie).

After my pal told me that we could read the book together... she proceeded to take a bunch of photos of me with the book. Oh my! I think this whole read the book thing was just a ploy for her to take some photos of me. She wanted to try out some of the new photography equipment she got for Christmas. We now literally have a little photo studio set up in the house. I told her that my modeling fee has now gone up to 2 Yummy Chummies, 3 Charlee Bears, 2 Zuke's Power Bones, and a few Old Mother Hubbard biscuits... per shot. She just gave me a look over her camera as she clicked away. Sigh...

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