Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Cute Too! (by: Gerrit)

I sure am glad all of that "Annie" stuff is over. It was fun going to the theatre to watch Carlo... but, other than that it just took time away from me! Carlo, Carlo, Carlo... that's all I ever heard for the past month. I'm cute too you know!!! And, I betcha I could walk across the stage all by myself!

Needless to say I was jumpin' for joy when my puppy raiser told me that I would get to go to a holiday party on Saturday! The party was for our local chapter of CCI. My puppy raiser took holiday portraits of all of the pups at the party... and during that time I've gotta say, I was a little BORED. I had to lay on a stage (where I couldn't even do cool stuff like Carlo got to do!). I just had to lay there, be good, and wait for her to finish. Fortunately, my buddies Nick and Idelle kept me company. The best part of the party was the after party. All of us "stage dogs" got to play. It was sooooo much fun!!! Here's a photo my puppy raiser took of me at the party... this was before the REAL party started.

As if my puppy raiser didn't take enough photos at this party, she took a bunch of holiday photos of me on Sunday, while we were hanging out at home. Somehow Carlo and Lucky got out of having to do this... they told me that's what I got for wanting all the attention. My puppy raiser took a bunch of photos of me with a teddy bear and a book called Twas the Night Before Christmas. She told me that she would read the book to us on Christmas Eve. I can't wait! Carlo told me it's a really good story and that has something to do with everyone, including the mice, being asleep...

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