Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stinkin' it Up in Point Reyes

Today LMRAT invited all of us Big Dogs (and our puppy raisers) to her place in Point Reyes for Big Dog class!!!

Since LMRAT fostered me for a bit before I came to live with my puppy raiser AND I've been to her place a bunch of times since, I know her place inside and out! So, I was able to show my puppy raiser and the other dogs around (assistance dog in training, Luna, has been to her place before too... but, I like to think I still know it better!). I showed all of the Big Dogs how much fun it is to play under the deck... and how you can zoom out from under the deck to this other area. And, I showed them that LMRAT's pet dog Scout is just like Lucky... queen of the roost, but still fun to play with!

After we played for a bit, we headed into town for a training session. We worked on distraction training... and dang there was tons of stuff to distract us! I'm talkin' dogs, children, hay piles, narrow store aisles with interesting stuff on the shelves, and all kinds of cool things to smell and see! We worked on commands like "up", "jump", and "out". We got to do an "up" on the post office counter and the nice post office lady behind the counter talked to us and patted us on our heads while we did it. It made me wanna do an "up" forever!

The hardest part about class was doing the scary stairs. We had to walk up these stairs that were kind of see-through. Holy smokes, they were scary! And, the worst part was comin' back down the stairs! My puppy raiser had to really encourage me. She kept saying, "Come on Carlo, you can do it! That's a boy!" And, guess what?... I DID IT!!! My puppy raiser was very proud of me!

After class we headed over to this super cool area... where there was lots of water and dirt... what could be more fun?!! I had been there before... so, again, I showed everyone around! We played and played and played.

Before my puppy raiser and I headed home, we drove out on Point Reyes peninsula. My puppy raiser wanted to check out a lighthouse. But, when we got there, we found out we would have to take a shuttle to get to the lighthouse (they do this to relieve traffic congestion). Anyways, I was all up for going on the shuttle, but my puppy raiser said we couldn't cause I stank. She said I smelled like a stinky wet dog... and I couldn't use public transportation wearing my CCI vest while I was stinkin' like that. Geesh! I didn't think I smelled that bad! So, instead of the lighthouse, we went to the beach. That turned out to be tons of fun and, best of all, I could stink to my heart's content!

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