Monday, February 18, 2008

A Snowy Yosemite Weekend

This weekend my puppy raiser and her Special Guy Friend (SGF) took me to Yosemite!!! I had been there once before with them (in fact, the photo above is from the last time we were there). They thought it would be a great place to celebrate my last weekend before I headed off to college. And, boy were they right! The weekend was full of fun and adventure!

There was lots snow in Yosemite, which my puppy raiser was totally not expecting. She knew it had snowed a bunch there this winter, but since it has been warm and sunny the last few weeks, she sorta figured the snow would have melted. Boy was she wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong. I mean totally wrong. Wrong-o! [side note by puppy raiser: Carlo, I think we get the picture!]. Here are a couple photos of me in front of a wall of snow (which my wrong-o puppy raiser thought wouldn't be there).

Even though there was so much snow, we still did some really fun stuff like hike up to Mirror Lake. Here's a photo at Mirror Lake (notice all the snow!).

We also went to the Ahwanee Hotel for dinner. Boy, was that a nice place! The waiter and waitresses kept coming by and asking if I needed anything. I was thinking, "Heck yeah, I could use a steak, and some fish, and... " But, my puppy raiser just smiled and said, "No thank you, he's fine." Hey! I thought it was my celebratory weekend?! I had to lay under the table with smell sensory overload while my puppy raiser and her SGF enjoyed a fine dining experience! And, this didn't happen just once... it happened TWICE (since we went to the Ahwanee twice for dinner and both nights my puppy raiser had the same response when asked if I needed anything).

One thing about the Ahwanee that wasn't so great was the restrooms. It had the smallest restroom stalls ever! My puppy raiser had a rather difficult time cramming me in there. I'm a pretty big boy and I tell ya'... I'm still not so sure how we managed to both fit in there. The door only opened inward... and it came really close to the toilet. The only way my puppy raiser could open the door was to have me lay down, open the door over my head, and then have me do an "out". It was quite an accomplishment and I'm really glad we didn't get stuck in there! Once we did escape from the stall, there were many women in the restroom that came over to pet me! I think my puppy raiser was a little embarrassed by the whole experience, but I loved all of the attention! I would get stuck any old day in a restroom stall if it meant getting that kind of attention!

It was a GREAT weekend and I'm really happy that I got to go to Yosemite again! Even though my puppy raiser didn't let the Ahwanee waiter and waitresses serve me dinner, and we almost got stuck in the Ahwanee restrooms, my puppy raiser did shower me with lots of hugs and special treats this weekend. She really wanted to make this last weekend a special one for me.

Now that I'm home and I've had a bath, I'm wayyyyy tired. It's a good thing I've got the work week to rest up before I head off to college!!!

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Kathy said...

Wow, Carlo, what a way to spend your last weekend with your PR. She must REALLY love you!! You are a lucky boy! :O)