Monday, February 11, 2008

Hiking by the Monster Dogs

Yesterday I went hiking with my puppy raiser, my buddies, Z and Hope, and Z's puppy raiser. We went to that place called Salmon Falls again. That's the place that had all of the ticks the last time we went. This time there were no ticks! But, you're not going to believe what we saw!

So, we were hikin' and havin' a good ole' time, when all of a sudden, just to the left of us... we saw a bunch of BIG black dogs. I'm talking monster-sized! They looked just like Z and Hope... only bigger! Much bigger! And, they were right there... not behind any kind of fencing or anything. As we got nearer, all of these monster dogs stopped and looked right at us. At first we ignored them, but then we stopped and the puppy raisers started chatting about the monster dogs, who they kept referring to as "cows"...

My puppy raiser said, "Hey... cows aren't like bulls, are they? They don't charge people, right?"

Z's puppy raiser responded, "Ummmm... I dunno..."

My puppy raiser said, "I'm sure they are ok. They must be used to people since they get milked and all".

So, with that... we continued on hiking. We reached the top of the hill and just as we started coming back down the other side, we looked over and saw the mother of all monster-sized dogs (or cows)! Dang, this thing was HUGE! It stared right at us and then took a few steps in our direction. We all froze. Then the puppy raisers quickly agreed that it may be best if we go in the other direction.

Once we were away far away from the monster dogs, we looked back and saw some guy on a mountain bike. He came down on a path pretty close to where the monster dogs were and then up the hill where we were. As he rode past us, he said, "Wow, did you see the size of that BULL?!" The puppy raisers looked at each other and agreed they made a good decision to go the other way!

P.S. The photo above was taken after we were far away from the monster dogs (aka cows and bulls)... but, you can see them in the distance just to the right.

P.P.S. The photo below was taken after the monster dogs were no longer in sight. Z is laughing cause I asked her if she and Hope were going to some day be as big as the monster-sized dog bull creature.

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Erin & Midnight said...

Ooh wow! We've done that before, walking in a cow field, and met face to face with a huge bull...who was unfortunatly in our finally one of the guys (probably not the smartest thing to do) picked up a stick and walked toward it yelling; and the bull decided to move out of the way...and we RAN out of there!!! I'm glad they didn't react to the dogs!!